Monday, November 26, 2007

In Loving Memory

This is a great picture of my dad, along with me, Chris and a newly 2 yr old Nicole ( isn't she cute?). This was her first trip to the zoo, and I thought it would be a good picture to add to today's post.
Today will mark 3 years since my father has been gone. It doesn't hurt quite so much but as I write this my heart feels heavy. He was a good and decent man, he had his faults like every human being, but I'll never forget that he was my father. I loved him very much. People say we looked alot alike, and in ways I guess I'm alot like him. He was born in Chicago, Il, and grew up in a mostly immigrant neighborhood, since both his parents came from Europe. He married my mom in 1964, and went into the army not too long after that where he fought in Vietnam and was awarded a Bronze Star.
Long after I was born, he moved us to Texas in 1979 where thre rest of our family still resides. He worked in payroll for the Coca-Cola Company for many years, until he became a jail guard for Tarrant County.
He liked to hunt deer, and fish. He also liked to play pinocle ( which I NEVER got the hang of!!) and liked to crack jokes.

I'm glad he is no longer suffering, and is content to hunt and fish all he wants,along with watching all the TV he wants , up in Heaven. Thats what I like to think of Heaven as, a place where you can do what you enjoyed on earth with no thought to pain or grief.

I'm starting to not be able to see the screen , so I will end this post and remember my father fondly on this day. And keep my mother and my Aunt Betty ( my fathers older sister) in my prayers as we go through today.


Lena said...

Aw, Marcy, I'm glad you had a good relationship with your dad. He sounds like a neat man and I'm glad I Was able to meet him at least once as well.

Anonymous said...

It was a great tribute to your dad,and my husband.
Love you so much.

Rick said...

Your post touched me. I nearly lost my dad one year ago - cardiac arrest. He survived and is doing remarkable well. I thank the Lord for another year of having my Dad around.

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