Thursday, September 25, 2008

Home Instead

Well we just got home from the doctors office and yuppers the kiddo has strept throat. She got a mega antibiotic shot in the butt, so she is not a happy camper. I had to ply her back into a half decent mood with the promise of Wendy's for dinner. She loves their chicken nuggets, and any new toy that will keep her occupied and in bed while recuping is welcome, lol.
So she will be home from school tomorrow too, /sigh, was hoping we could get thru the first 6 weeks with no sickness. It was not meant to be.

Well I'm home today instead of subbing for the 6th grade class like I was supposed to. Nicole woke up not feeling good, and I've thought all week she was coming down with the cold I had lastweek, but she just keeps complaining of her throat for the most part. Since we have friends coming in from out of town Saturday for a night on the town, I want to make sure shes ok:)

Shes currently in her Hannah Montana jammies, curled up in bed with one of the dogs watching TV and munching on frosted flakes, lol.

As for our contest that is currently running, there are two people up for the prize. So far those two people are the only ones that have gotten 15 right. I'll wait a few more days for entries, then announce the winner on Monday the 29th.


Lastnight after we had our fill of Dancing With The Stars 3 day season premiere, Chris and I came back here to the computer room while Nicole watched one of her tweenie shows. Chris got on my blog to see how many movie lines he knew then clicked on one of blogthing quizzes I had up there and started taking all these funny quizzes, so I got on there too. We got some interesting ones to pop up, such as
What kind of bagel I am ( plain btw)
What kind of kisser I am
Was I normal about sex
What my pimp name, my stripper name and my adult movie star name were

Anyway we got a great laugh out of that, including our friend that we were on IM with at that time. Also had a quiz on there on How Texan are you? and since we live in Texas we had to take that one... I got only 29percent Texan, and Chris got like close to 90 percent I believe since he was born and raised here, lol.

Anyway will let ya'll know what doc says about Nicoles throat.

If you still want to enter our movie line contest , please just scroll down two posts:) to my 200 post contest:) and have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Oh bummer, I hope she feels better!

Michelle said...

Bummer.. we've got strep going around here, too. Knock on wood, we haven't gotten it yet here. Good luck with the antibiotics!

Oh, and I didn't enter the contest because I thought it was first one to get them all right. Whoops on me!

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