Thursday, September 4, 2008


I was very excited yesterday to receive my Quest magazine in the mail. For those of you that don't know what Quest is, it a publication offered free to all members and patients of the MDA.
I was particularly excited to receive this issue when I saw the cover. It was titled 'Entering the World of Online Gaming.'

I have mentioned in the past that I play a game online called Everquest II. In this game I have a character I control that fights all sorts of things throughout the virtual world of Norrath. I love playing this game. It provides and escape from rl for just a little while. You can be in a guild or not be in a guild. Chris and I both belong to a guild by the name of Exiles of Lowca. Within the guild sometimes lasting friendships are created. Chris and I have several RL friends that we met in game. We've gotten together at each others houses , and we talk on the phone.

This article from the September issue of Quest describes all the different types of online video games. Please check it out. People that don't play do not realize the size of the EQ2 virtual world, and others like it . There are people on at all times of the day, from all over the world. I have met two of my current pen pals in game - one in Spain and one in Australia. It is extremely fascinating to converse and get to know people from other countries.

I've also mentioned in past posts that I cannot run. Its due to the CMT. When I do try to run I look like I'm having some sort of attack. In game however, I can run as free and fast as I possibly can.

I also do not have alot of strength in my arms. A gallon of milk is hard for me to lift. I cannot open those annoying little ketchup packets from fast food places because I do not possess the strength in my fingers to do so. However in game I can wield a huge bow and arrow, or duel wield swords. I can kick - HARD to kill whatever is attacking me. If I tried to do a similar karate kick in rl, I would fall on my butt because I no longer possess that type of balance.

While reading the article you will notice that some of these same reasons that I mentioned above are stated for others that are affected with some sort of disability.

I am not in a wheelchair, but I have met people in game that are. I made friends with one guy that is a quadriplegic. If it takes the hand skills to use both mouse and keyboard to play, if he is paralyzed how does he manage? I asked him. He plays with the mighty mouth stick. If you have ever been around a paralyzed individual you will know what that is. If you don't it is a small stick that the person can use to type and write while holding it in their mouth.

Please check out the article. If you want to find out more about Everquest II click here.
I will not stop playing. My main character is now a lvl 80 - the highest level you can achieve in game at the moment. If you decide to check the game out on a free trial version, Please send me an in game tell - my character name is Esharia.

And if fighting monsters isn't your cup of tea, I know that in Everquest II, you can craft. You can become a provisioner, tailor , woodworker, carpenter, or sage. By selling the stuff you make you can earn money in game to buy things. so, I hope to see you in game. If I don't, I will still see you in the blogosphere!


Unknown said...

Very good......

Rick said...

Ok, now I would not have thought that someone with a screen name of Mabunny would be into online monster fighting. I think it's cool.

You asked about the wedding plans... Coming along. My wife is feeling the load, but she has her mother here to help. At least she is a help most of the time. Sometimes she, having too much time on her hands, comes up with too many ideas - if you know what I mean.

We'll make ti somehow. Thanks for checking in.

Anonymous said...

MaBunny, I as well a Gamer...although I don't do it online, but we have a Wii, Xbox, but my favorite is my Nintendo DS Lite..I play alot of Puzzle Games..but here lately..I play 2 games..Diner Dash, and Cake Mania..

Although you play a game for things you you can't do, I play games I can't do in RL..The Diner Dash & Cake Mania are both Diner & Bakery games..You have to take orders, seat people, serve them, clean up after them...etc..When I was a teenager, and young adult, I always wanted to be a waitress..but I have this horrible shake in my hands..I get it from my daddy, he takes medicine for it, but Im so young still, they wont put me on it. It's not really bad yet, but I would probably spill things all over people if I done this in real life..(hehehe) I think it's funny we tend to gravitate toawards games, we can't do in real life...

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