Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tuesday's Rundown


Got a bit of rambling to do , but before that , I want to say a big CONGRATS to fellow blogger Bogart in P Towne - as he proposed to his girlfriend Claire and she said YES!!! Click HERE to see the story and the ring...

After Saturday night, we didn't do much Sunday but rest up. I did do the laundry ( and YES I'm still keeping up with my promise to fold and hang it all up the same day its done), and I did the dishes, and made spaghetti for dinner. Oh yea, and I played on the computer too.

Yesterday I mowed the front lawn, but didn't do it while wearing my leg braces so by the time I was done my legs felt like I had run a race, and I was very unsteady , so after a long hot shower I didn't do much else where I had to walk. I knowI should wear my braces but my left one is rubbing a huge blister on my heel, so I did put a call into my orthotist and he will come by and check them out on Thursday. Maybe this week I'll actually take pictures of them and show u how deformed my feet are so you get an idea...

Anyway, today I got to sub for 7th grade science. I had one 8th grade class. I wound up having more free time then I had as of yet while subbing so it was a good day all in all. The teacher I was subbing for was one of the 7th period athletic coaches and I checked with the other coaches this morning and they said I didn't have to come help them, ( WHEW!).

Most of the 7th grade I had already had a week ago when I subbed 7th grade English. Most of the kids remembered me ( good or bad thing I can't figure out though..) and I in turn remembered the trouble children. The ones that drove me to the brink.

Today I was determined to not let them get away with anything. The classroom I was in is right next to the office. First period was ok, a bit loud , but they kept it to a low din. 2nd period? pretty much the same, except one loud mouth, but he took heed of my warnings and was ok the rest of the time.
3rd prd? this is where the day started to unravel. One side of the class was behaving, the other was not. Since I still don't know them all by name yet, I had one girl ask me if she should go get the counselor since she knew names of the ones misbehaving and I told her yes. The counselor came in and they behaved the rest of the time.
My 4th period? I only had one kid who would NOT do anything I asked him to do . He told me he didn't know what he should be doing. I told him if he had his mouth shut he would have heard my instructions. I opened his book for him. Told him I wanted at the very least the first part of the worksheet done by the time class was almost over. He continued to putz around, get up out of his seat, talk and still NOT do his work. I gave my first talley. ( these are given when students have been warned repeatedly and still not doing what they r told to do... parents have to sign , and there are consequences if they get 3 or more in one week...)
6th period pretty much the same as 3rd - counselor called, and one boy was trouble, lol.
If called I will still sub for 7th grade as I am getting used to them now, lol.

Stopped on the way home and got Chicken Express - I got my first check today - YAY ME:) and I had no clue what to make for dinner.

My mom is coming out here tomorrow for us to spend the day together. I do have to run by the post office to mail Michelle her candle basket she won for knowing all 17 of our movie lines from the contest Nikki and I recently held, then I have to go cash my check.
We will probably be going out to lunch too, so I'm looking forward to that.

When we got home today though, Nicole and I were greeted by barf on the chair by the door, barf ( I think) on the couch and after the dogs were let out and came back in - barf full of grass in the den. YUCK! Got that all cleaned up and I will further investigate the wet spot on the couch - if it was doggy upchuck or if my older doggy had an accident which she never has before.

Will hopefully get to take some pictures tomorrow of my mom and I. Hope ya'll have a great evening. I know we are going to watch results night of Dancing with the Stars, then I'm not sure whats going on, so talk to you later!


joanne said...

Sorry I haven't been by in awhile...you know how it goes when the legs don't want to work!
Sounds like you had an extra busy day...wow...I wish I had your energy. Have fun tomorrow with your mom...and take pics!

p.s. I like the new layout ;)

Anonymous said...

OMG! I fell asleep last night before the end (14 hrs does that to a body), and I was shocked about Kim, but I agree she really couldn't dance, but who am I to judge, I can't either!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

Have a wonderful day and so much fun with your mom :)

Nikki said...

Say hi to your Mom for me, hope she's doing well and about those 7th graders-well, guess you know now why Mrs. Shores was always so stressed;) Have fun with your Mom and talk to you later!

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