Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I love October! To me it officially kicks off the fall season. I know the first official day of fall was a week ago or something, I personally don't celebrate it till October 1st! This morning it was 52 here in Dallas, so that even added to the sense of fall.

To me, Fall brings with it the promise of family, friends, good food and SHOPPING!
I don't get to see my MIL as often as I would like, and she always comes up here for Thanksgiving. Usually my mom comes here too, and sometimes Chris' cousin Brett and his family. Since Chris and his mom are both diabetic, we don't have the traditionally laden table of mashed and/or sweet potatoes, and all those rich heavy foods. Instead we get very creative and wind up with scalloped eggplant, mixed veggies, a small turkey breast, wheat rolls and the like.
Usually my mom will bring a healthy dish to fit in with our odd Thanksgiving dinner and we top it all off with a sugar free pumpkin cheese cake!

There always seems to be more than enough food, and if Brett and his family come, then there are little kids running around ( well - his 3 yr old is running around, the baby isn't old enough to walk yet, lol). We always get in plenty of catch up gossip and news and watch the parade and the football game.

As for October, it also brings Nicoles birthday that much closer - on November 5. Every year for the past 4-5 yrs, she has wanted a Halloween birthday party. For me to accomplish this, it is getting a bit old - I am running out of ideas. Soon we will have to have that conversation about what she wants to do. As she is getting older, her presents are getting a bit more expensive and since we still have stuff around the house that needs doing, we have to split birthday and Christmas since they are close together. That way we can spread it out paycheck wise over a few checks instead of all of them coming out of one.

Still haven't figured out what to be for Halloween yet. I used to love to dress up for halloween, now I enjoy getting a cauldron full of candy and looking at all the little kiddies running around in their costumes. Nicole still likes trick or treating, so we will probably do that this year. Maybe by next year she will out grow it, lol.

Well time for me to get ready, since my mom will be here soon. Have a great day!

Let me know what kind of Thanksgiving traditions you have!


Bogart said...

I am sure we are going to spend this year doing some shopping and wedding planning.

Claire's parents are actually coming up for the week of Thanksgiving...that should be fun!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

Martha was born on thanksgiving and heavy traditional food is what everyone wants so its rotisserie turkey (we set it and forget it LOL) baked ham, dressing, mac n cheese , sweet tater casserole, deviled eggs and what ever else they ask for...I cook all day they eat like pigs for 20 minutes and then they crash out and I get to clean up... the good thing is they eat left overs and I refuse to cook for a week LOL.

then we repeat it on christmas... Usually I prepare most the stuff shoet of cooking it and put it in the freezer then just cook it on christmas. week later new years day...veggies soup made from ham bones and left over ham. and what ever else they want.

Then Cory's b day is on MLK day January.... nothing like 5 major events in 4 holidays time

AGGGGG i am tired thinking about it LOL.... Have fun with your mom! HI MOM!

Anonymous said...

Nicole's B-Day & My husband's B-day are the same day!!!

Anonymous said...

My excitment that it's October is not containable, I'm right there with you.

Michelle said...

Ok, so I have to ask... Sex Goddess?

And moving on :) I get the tie in with the holidays. My birthday is right around Thanksgiving, so we always got that included. Halloween would be a fun one. Mister Man has his birthday earlier in the month so we haven't done a Halloween one yet, but I may have to remember that idea for later!

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