Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Great Pumpkin

This is one of my all time favorite non-scary Halloween movies. I found out it is on T.V tonight before Dancing With The Stars. One guess to what Nicole and I will be watching tonight at 7pm?

Enjoy:) ( Be sure to turn the sound off on my music player to enjoy the video.

Update on Daddy Jimmy - we will try calling him later today - they did a minor procedure on him yesterday and we were unable to reach him, Thank you for all your prayers.


joanne said...

continued prayers for daddy Jimmy...

I knew you were kidding yesterday!! I was trying to give it back to ya...it was depressing I admit ;)))

MommaSuds said...

I don't know the story with daddy jimmy but I will send prayers his way.

Thank you for the info on my most favorite Charlie Brown movie.I just set my dvr so my girls can watch it on Halloween.

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