Monday, October 20, 2008

My Weekend

Hiyas! Hope everyone had a great weekend. I sure did. Saturday morning Nicole and I went to run some errands and it was sooo nice to be able to do them in our own car! ( sorry new car excitement hasn't QUITE worn off yet). We came home, ate some lunch then decided to go to the library because we hadn't been able to go in awhile. We wound up spending over an hour there!

Nicole couldn't figure out what kind of book(s) she wanted, so finally she decided on some sort of history book. We looked those up , found them and she got four of them to start. There seemed to be 12 in the series, she said she will just start with the first four. As we were walking to the checkout counter she decided she wanted a scary book for Halloween so we searched for that and she came away with two ghost story books. I only got one book that I am currently enjoying.

I'm very excited to announce that without any coaxing on mine or the teachers part Nicole decided to enter the UIL Oral Reading competition at school and she got picked! She was given a poem she has to read out loud. The first part of the competition is Nov 6, and the final is Nov 8.
She is supposed to practice reading her poem out loud at least once a day but she didn't do it this weekend. I'm so happy that she decided to enter that, and she is also very excited about it.

Nicole's bday is coming up and we are trying to finalize what we are going to do . Whatever we decide she wants her friends Carson and Carlie to go with us. Then I have to start figuring out t whats going to happen for Thanksgiving, start writing Christmas cards ( I"m already gathering my list), think of presents ( although I already have my moms...) and in between all that still find time to do my annual baking. My friends and neighbors love me this time of year since I ALWAYS give them plates of homemade yummies. I usually spend a whole weekend baking and sorting who gets what. Thinking since I'm a sub this year I will put a big plate of goodies in the teahers lounge. I'm sure they will appreciate that.

Well hope everyone has a great day!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Wish you were closer. I would KILL to try some of your yummy baked goods. My poor family suffers tremendously - I don't bake at all..heck, I barely cook!

Hallie :)

Laura ~Peach~ said...

I am hunting a to die for recipie for bread pudding do you know of any?

The purse came today I will be posting about it later... Hell I am so country it came in a bag that is sooo cool that I am gonna have to find some use for too... I love the purse but like so many the straps are shorter than I like...sigh I am so picky LOL.

Hugs Laura

Michelle said...

Oh I am SOOO not ready to start thinking about Christmas :) I'm still struggling with agreeing that Halloween is coming.

Good luck with the poem!

Chris H said...

I hope Nicole's poem reading goes well... and she has a fantastic birthday, as I did! Thanks for the cute card!

MaBunny said...

Hmmm, laura , I've never made bread pudding, but I can try to find a good recipe in my archives, lol. Granted some of what I make is premixed,but not all, I have an absolute to die for recipe that in simple terms is a peanut butter cookie with a mini snickers inside it. SOOOOO deadly are they...

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a productive weekend. Just the thought of Holiday Card writing has now stressed me out!

Anonymous said...

Im so wishing You was my neighbor! Yummy! I usually do alot of baking myself..but it's always better if you dont have to bake it!

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