Monday, October 6, 2008

FuN aT tHe LaKe

Saturday afternoon Chris' Uncle Charley came to pick us up (since we are still having transportation issues....) and bring us down to the lake house at Cedar Creek Lake. We were looking forward to this because Chris' cousin Heather and her daughter Berkley were going to be there too, along with Chris' grandfather. We hadn't seen Heather and Berkley since Berkley was about 2mos old!!! ( needless to say she's grown, lol)
Here are the pics:

This is Heather with Nicole ( some of these were taken while everyone was getting ready to go yesterday, the rest of the time we were scattered...)
This Uncle Charley and Tammy ( cute couple, aren't they?) They live in Lakewood , Colorado and this is who Nicole stayed with for a week and a half of the three weeks she was in Colorado this past summer.
This is Charley with Berkley, his granddaughter. Isn't she a cutie?

It was a long day for Chris and Berkley. He picked her up to hug her goodbye and she passed out , so he decided to nap a bit too...
Me and Heather
I don't like this pic of me, as it makes me look heavier than I am... but the moment was fun, and good memories. Chris called this one the three muskateers - or shopaholics - whichever you choose. After the men and kids came back from fishing yesterday, Tammy, Heather and I decided to hit the local fleamarket and had a blast. We found some really fun stuff. Tammy got Nicole a birthday present that she has no clue about, and I got my moms Christmas present. No I didn't just buy my mom something at the fleamarket to save money - I saw it tucked behind someother stuff and it was very unusual, but screamed my moms name. Since she reads my blog though I can't show you....but I promise I will once she gets it...

Me and Berkley

Oh , and who can forget two of the most important creatures at the lake house this weekend ( or so they seemed to think) - Hannah and Pepe. Charley and Tammy's two huge black labs.
These dogs are very , very friendly. Hannah is Charley's hunting companion, while Pepe is the guard dog. Not sure what he'd do if an intruder came, but if he knows you, you can guarantee you will be covered in dog slobber. Saturday night, Pepe decided to sleep with Chris and I - yeah that was fun. I woke in the middle of the night to see Chris half off the bed, and Pepe stretched out like it was HIS bed only,lol.

This was taken just after we got there. Berkley was sooo excited to meet her cousin Nicole . She wanted to have a slumber party with her. By 11pm Saturday night, they had been playing for several hours and watching movies. Well the adults had settled down to watch a really good movie too, and NIcole came to me and told me how exhausted she was. I told her to go to bed then. her answer? ( in a whiney voice ) but she won't letttt meeeeee.... Berkley was wide awake after Grandpa Charley gave her ice cream at 10pm!!!! I think they were finally settling down a bit after midnight, when our movie was over...

Chris and Berkley again. Get the idea that she realllly liked her uncle Chris??

This was Chris carrying Berkley back to the house after she caught her first fish and then got an itchy skeeter bite that she wanted mommy to fix. She was also getting hot and of course was a bit tired, so she was cranky too. We had all just been about to leave to go shopping, so that got delayed by about half an hour. After they got in the house, here came Charley, daddy Jimmy, and Nicole too. So after we got them all settled THEN we left the guys to feed the kiddos and off we went.

This is the current Patriarch of the Able Family - James Able *aka* Daddy Jimmy to us. When he's in the mood to talk watch out... he has led a very interesting life. He was part of the Red Devils paratroopers in WWII - he was one of the ones that stormed the beaches of Normandy on D-Day. He is very patriotic. About 7 or so years ago they opened the Special Ops and Airforce museum in North Carolina, and he got a special invitation to attend the ceremonies. He wore his Red Devils jacket with pride. We all got to go and it was awesome to say the least. When Chris was younger, Daddy Jimmy used to come lecture his history classes when they were studying WWII. He was also called upon by several others to lecture too. He is a fascinating man.

Hope ya'll enjoyed looking at those, and can imagine how much fun we had taking them, and all the laughter behind the scenes.

Have a great Monday!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Great pics!!

Hallie :)

Laura ~Peach~ said...

Awesome!!! SALUTE Daddy Jimmy!
what a great weekend!
I got the card sunday (we forgot to check the mail Saturday!) THANK YOU!
love n hugs Laura

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great weekend...those dogs cracked me up...I think they were smiling.

MaBunny said...

HEHE Cathy, actually Hannah, the one on the left does smile when shes really excited. In that particular picture, Tammy had them kind of restrained. Pepe always looks like hes fixing to eat something or someone, lol.

Chris H said...

What a lovely time you must have had, visiting family is lovely! So is catching fish! LOL

Lena said...

I think I was at your house when little Berkley came to see you! I remember holding her and she stopped fussing- I had the "sway and bounce" thing down since Kaela was just little still. That looks like so much fun!!

MaBunny said...

YES LENA, I faintly remember that! I've slept since then:)
Yeah, she wasn't but about 2-3 mos old at the time, and Heather was still learning...and it was fun

Memaw's memories said...

Great pics of your fun time.

And what interesting info about Daddy Jimmy.

If you haven't already, you need to record him talking about the things he saw and did.

My dad talked of the places he went and what he did during 'The War'WWII, but I wasn't smart enough to get any of it on tape. When he passed, we lost all that knowledge and history.

Bogart said...

Looks like a great time!

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