Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Well, two weeks ago Nicole battled Strept throat. Now after the weekend at the lake and the cool front that blew in during that time, she is battling a raging sinus infection. She has a doctor's appointment at 3:45p.

She only has a limited amount of days per semester that she can miss - so tomorrow its off she goes , drugged up , but shes going. Since flu season is coming, I don't want to waste all of her 9 semester days, so far this is the fourth.

I on the other hand am doing hunky dory. Of course with the coming of fall, and cool air hits warm air we get thunderstorms. We had storms popping all around us yesterday evening and lastnight. Tornadoes were spotted southeast of us. Yippee.

If you don' tknow by now I am petrified of tornados....so spring and fall are not always calm times for me in tornado alley.

Other than that, not much is going on this week so far. I am sceduled to sub only one day this week, actually ony a half day on Thursday , but in the morning I will be copy mom for Nicoles morning teacher. Then I'm scheduled for another half day on the 15th, and will be copy mom that morning for her other teacher,lol. Then I will have my volunteer time in, and get my parent observation over with all in one day. I'm also scheduled to sub 2 other full days, so they are surely keeping me busy.

Please stop by and visit JoJo , she is going through a very difficult time at the moment and needs a little love and hugs thrown her way.

I'm going to go get out of my jammies, and watch a movie with my sick little girl.

Since I love Halloween and haven't done many halloween related posts - I will have one tomorrow since I have been researching stuff on the internet and found some pretty interesting facts:)

Have a great day!


Nikki said...

Goodness, I should have known when I saw the clouds building up east of here that they were going to be heading your way. Glad you made it through the storms and hope Nicole gets to feeling better.

Michelle said...

Wow! It's a shame she's sick again. I know the feeling after last week. But 9 days, really? That's it? I'm surprised that's all they allow. I remember when I was growing up we could only miss so many days, but that was unexcused absences not total. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Poor Nicole....I hope she feels better....I always get sick in September...when our season's change!

Anonymous said...

I hope she feels soon, poor girl!

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