Friday, October 31, 2008

Doctor Say What?????


Please keep Daddy Jimmy in extra prayers. Uncle Charley just called us about two hours ago and said if we wanna see Daddy Jimmy we better come now, as he is not doing well at all. I got Nicole out of school , Chris left work early and we will be on our way to Abilene within the next hour or so.

Ok, I haven't mentioned it this past week on my blog because I didn't know what the heck it was.
I do now...

Seems about a week ago I thought something bit me. On my chest. Like right in the upper cleavage area of my chest. There were some hard raised bumps. They itched. They later hurt. They later spread. I was going crazy.

My loving hubby got me benadryl cream , and pills. I tried hydrocortisone, witch hazel and gold bond medicated powder ( NOT at the same time though...)..

Nothing helped. I was in a bit of agony. Now my chest was starting to hurt as well as under my arm where some of the rash had spread. I'd wake up in the morning and there would be new patches.

I bathed the dogs, changed my bed, went over EVERYTHING I had eaten, drank , or otherwise could have come in contact with that had been causing this.

By yesterday I was completely miserable. My mom came out to my house and took me to the doctor. I made her go in the room with me, since I was going to have to take my shirt and bra off and I just didn't want anything scraping against this rash.

The doctor came in. I dropped the drape. Showed him where it first started and the progressive path it had taken, and where the last breakout had occured.

He asked " Did you ever have Chicken Pox as a child?"

I replied " No, but I had them when I was 26..." ( a whole different story for another time)

My mom yelled out "SHINGLES!!!!"

doctor said " Yup"

Doctor say what? Old people get shingles... at least that is what I thought till yesterday. He said it isn't as common in people my age ( i'm 37) but it does happen.

Great. He also informed me that I am past the stage where any anti-viral meds would help me and all he could do was treat the pain. So he gave me some lidocaine patches that feel really good and cooling going on... and he also gave me some pain meds. Since I'm very sensitive to pain meds he gave me good stuff but not knock me on my butt good stuff. ( one tylenol PM knocks me out , just f.y.i).

So I'm not working today, but am driving the kids to school and picking up my paycheck and going to put it in the bank. Then coming home and crawling back into bed.

Happy Halloween! I will post pictures of Nicole dressed up like a gothic vampire, and maybe some of the cute kiddies that come around here.

Hope everyone stays safe.


Lena said...

Oh my goodness you're kidding me! I'm so sorry!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...



Anonymous said...

Oh no, that's the worst. Take it easy and wear gloves so you don't itch yourself to death.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

I KNEW what you were about to say LOL... shingles are just RUDE!!!!
Hope you feel much better quickly!
HUGS Laura

Nikki said...

OMG! Take care of yourself, BFF! It's so wierd though, I was at the Dr. yesterday for some itchy sores I have leftover from mosquito bites I got over 2 months ago, could be staph, so I'm on some good antibiotics and antibiotic creme, too. I'll post more info on my blog tonight.
Hope you get better soon!

Michelle said...

Oh I'm so sorry... for the shingles and for Daddy Jimmy. It appears to be a bad weekend -- the friend who was coming trick or treating with us had to fly to Cincinnati to say goodbye to her grandmother :(

joanne said...

I had a feeling that was where you were going with that post. OUCH and ICK and OUCH again. Hope you get some relief.

Extra prayers for Daddy Jimmy...have a safe trip to Abilene...

Karen Deborah said...

I was thinking cellulitis but shingles is a stinky diagnosis. He did tell you that you are also CONTAGIOUS to those who have never had chicken pox, I hope. don't go around any pregnant women.
I'm so sorry it really is miserable.

Anonymous said...

OMG! Im suprised he didn't give you something like Valtrex? B4 anyone says's not just for STD's...Dr's use it to treat Shingles, Fever Blister's. Chicken Pocks..etc...I get Fever Blister's on my lip and the inside of my mouth's when I get stressed which they are triggered by something..Mine is Stress..You always will carry this virus now, but it's supressed till something trigger's it, that's what they tell me....


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