Monday, November 3, 2008

Home Safe At Least

Well we are home from Abilene. Just giving ya'll a quick update.
Daddy Jimmy is still around with us:) however he is now comatose. There is still family trying like crazy to get to him within the next 48 hours and we are praying they will.
We saw him first thing Saturday afternoon and he didn't recognize us, but later that afternoon he did.
Sunday not so much. But everyone sat around his room , taking turns since it was small, and talked to him. This weekend was very hard on Nicole, not because she didn't get to go trick or treating, or because we had to cancel her birthday party on Saturday, but because she didn't want anything to happen to him around her birthday. I told her to talk to him, he would hear her , and she said she didn't want to with everyone around, so we gave her all the time she wanted in there with him and she had her say. She came up, visibly upset but smiling. Daddy Jimmy had uttered hello. At the time he was aware of her being in the room and for that I'm grateful.
Saturday , since we had had to cancel her birthday party, we took a break from sitting around the hospital and took her out to lunch and to the store to get a specific doll she was looking forward to getting with her friends at her party. So that made her day.
Thankfully we didn't have to shell out money we didn't have for a hotel room and we wound up staying at the house of a distant cousin who was out of town on business. My MIL had checked with her and we had her permission. So we just had to spend some money for food that I cooked for us all.

Well I'm going to go unpack a bit and get into my jammies.
And thank you to all who wished ME well with the shingles. I did not have a very good time of it due to them. and me forgetting my pain meds, but I got thru it ok.
Allison, I couldn't have Valtrex because I was on the down swing with them by the time I went to the doctor and he said they woudln't work.
Karen Deborah, I didn't go around ANY pregnant person that I knew of . Wasn't around much of anyone and those that I was around knew I had them and didn't seem worried.
I'm doing much , much better and will be doing even better after sleeping in my own bed.

more later , hope ya'll had a good weekend. Despite the somber mood of the weekend, I did get some pics I will share later:)


Michelle said...

This is just a bad time right now... my PTO secretary had her dad die last week unexpectedly, a good friend's grandmother died yesterday, etc etc. Here's hoping this isn't another to add to the list, but I'm so glad you were able to spend time with him.

Anonymous said...

Well I was wondering..Glad you let me know...cause it's a wonderful medicine...When my mouth breaks out usually with 2 pills...they are gone!

Glad your feeling better...

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