Saturday, November 22, 2008


sorry had to channel Minnie Pearl for a proper good morning.

I woke up all nice and toasty warm this morning after spending the entire day yesterday freezing my butt off. Nicole got out of school at 1230 yesterday and I was there the entire time helping out if various rooms with holiday parties and getting the library ready for the book faire and it was COLD in there...Once wegot hom, I put on the heaviest sweats I had and it got a little better.

Then Nicole and I had to go pick up Chris from the bustop. The only consolation for getting cold all over again is that he bought us Sonic for dinner. I finally warmed up when I went to bed and buried myself under two blankets, and had both dogs curled up next to me, lol.

After I'm fully awake and I throw some sweats on I'm going grocery shopping, then when I come home Nicole and I will be working in her room. We are trying to get some of the little girlish stuff out of there, and make it look a little tweeny. She got two Jonas Bros. posters for her birthday, so she wants those up too. Maybe I"ll post a pic of it when we get it done. ( IF she could EVER learn how to use a hanger... but thats a whole other story )...

We are out of school for the whole week now for Thanksgiving. Tuesday I'm taking Nicole, Karleigh and Carson ice-skating and out to lunch for her make-up biday party. They are looking forward to it, and it sounds kind of fun to me too, but I will NOT be ice skating.

We are going to my mothers for Thanksgiving Dinner, my MIL will not be able to come up here for the holiday though, since she was up here for Daddy Jimmy's funeral a few weeks ago. The drive is hard on her so she will be staying in San Antonio unfortunately. She will be up here for Christmas though.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! What are your plans for this Thanksgiving holiday?


Queenie Jeannie said...

Sounds like you have a busy day ahead of you!! Try to remember to smile and have some fun too though, k?

This morning is housework and laundry, and then this evening is my Date Night with my husband, so that should be fun!

Thanks for popping in to see me!

Queenie Jeannie said...

YES! Read the books, savor them, devour them, enjoy them!!!

The movie was a stinker!

Anonymous said...

You are busy, have a fun day room cleaning!

Michelle said...

Wait wait wait. You're in Texas and complaining about the cold? What about us in Chicago? Three plus hours in the cold today with a 26 degree kickoff. Ahem.

Enjoy your week off. I remember having the whole week off when I was growing up, but we only get W-F around here. And I don't even get Wednesday!

Queenie Jeannie said...

There is an award waiting for you on my blog!

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