Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Laura~Peach tagged me the other day and I told her I would do it yesterday,but I didn't blog. then I got obsessed with this chick hair lastnight ( see post below this one) and still didn't do it, so here goes.

I am tagged to tell 7 weird or unusual things about me, link to the person who tagged me, then tag 7 others and let them know...

Seven Weird Things About Me:

1) I can watch certain movies over and over BUT
2) will only read a book once
3)when I eat dinner, no matter what the side dish or vegetable is, I mix them together. Grosses my family out, but I do it anyway, especially if its a cheesy sidedish.
4) I hate celery. It makes me gag
5)I can write upside and backwards. My mom taught me to do this when I was a little girl, and in junior high and highschool I used to write notes backwards, so if the teacher accidentely picked it up , he/she would be momentarily stunned because they couldn't immediately read it, and what teacher has a mirror THAT handy?
6)I think I've mentioned this before but when I met Chris , my husband, I was dating his good friend. Glad I realized His friend had some mega problems, and was not the man for me.
7)When I was a little girl I took organ lessons. Not piano lessons like a normal child. While other little boys and girls were trying to play Fur Elise, I was pounding out the Beer Barrell Polka:)

Hmmm, as for the 7 I'm supposed to tag... most of them have done this one already, so if I accidentely tag you and you've done this one before , just let me know and disregard!

Queenie Jeannie
Sgt. Suds Wife
My Two Army Brats
Noble Pig
Manic Mommy

Have a great day!


MommaSuds said...

Thanks for the tag. I have done it before but I will do it again. I have way more than 7 weird or unusal things to say about myself I am sure. If not I will use my family members haha.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

I love the notes upsidedowna nd backward thats just FUN!

Bogart said...

PB on Celery does not work for you?

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