Monday, November 24, 2008

Picture Catch Up

Good Monday Morning to all! Hope everyone had a great weekend. Chris finally got aroudn to fixing my bluetooth connection so that I could get some pics off of my phone that I wanted to share with you for the last few weeks.

However before I do, a few of you were giving me grief when I was complaining of the cold here in Texas. I know up north it is alot colder and there is even snow, but I'm telling you for Texas , this time of year it was cold.

Maybe my cold tolerance has depleated since I mainly grew up down here. I do remember the winters up in Oak Lawn, going to school in my snow mobile suit. I also remember the rare occasions where our neighbors two humongous dogs would pull us on the sleds around the neighborhood. I remember my dad having to dig tunnels so my dog Snoopy could go outside. I know I have pics of me on my swingset , in my red suit, lol.

(I'll have to dig those out and post them here soon, seems like the perfect time of year to do so.)

Nicole wants to see real snow . She has seen real snow, but the fluffy stuff we get down here is not good for snowmen, or snowballs for that matter. The last time I remember it snowing alot, we did build a snowman , but by the time we finished him, we were borrowing snow from other yards and he was mostly brownish with leaves and dirt, lol.

Anyway, here are the pics I was wanting to share with you:

This one is specifically for Hallie at WWoW. Good ol' Mr S.M got his own brand of clothing now or what? I found these at the Target in Abilene...

This is a picture of a grayish storm covered Texas sky.. it rained a ton that day and made everything very dreary.

These next two photos are of the backyard of the house where we stayed when we were in Abilene to see Chris' grandfather before he passed on. The lake is Lake Fort Phantom, and what a site to wake up to every morning with the sun breaking over the lake shining right into the living room.

This is the house we stayed at. It is the house of a cousin on Chris' side. She was out of town on business that week so she let us stay there , for which we will be forever grateful.

Hope ya'll enjoyed the pictures. Have a great day!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

What is that? A PJ sleeper? A zip up sweatshirt?


Hallie :)

Bogart said...

Very cool.

Lolosblog said...

Thanks for the pictures.

I just laughed when I saw the two of Ft. Phantom. They actually make the lake look pretty! It is really "red" from all the red clay in the water, but those pics made it look blue!

Thanks for sharing!

Chris H said...

Lovely photos.... I hope Nicole does get to play in 'real' snow!

joanne said...

I'm thinking that I wouldn't mind waking up everyday at that beautiful home on the lake ;) Oh, and look at that Hallie is quite a woman to get him his own line of clothing! Thanks for sharing...

Reddirt Woman said...

I had to come over from WWOW to see what pic you had for Hallie. That is so cute. Did it have a 'back door' for the seat, too?

Don't worry about getting fussed at by them 'northers' for talking about it being cold in Texas... it was cold in Oklahoma, too. You know it is going to be below 50 when the weatherman says it'll be jacket weather for the kids at the bus stop in the morning.

Besides, they could always move down where it's warmer, right?!

Helen G.

Karen Deborah said...

I like the shirt and love the view at that house! cold is cold I don't care where you live.

Queenie Jeannie said...


I'm laughing SO HARD right now! I'm WEARING that sock monkey sleeper this very minute! I found it at Target last Saturday and wore it for the first time last night. Soooo snuggly warm!

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