Tuesday, November 11, 2008

all these computers and nothing to do....

I subbed today. Seventh grade and up computer class. I was there all day , from 8-330 and I couldn't log in to my precious blogs. Because then I would have totally forgotten about the kids. I would have been visiting with you, my fellow bloggers, and having a grand time;)

Anyway, I logged in as soon as I got home. I went to visit Michelle at My Semblance of Sanity ( to get to her site and laugh till you puke, just click on the widget on my sidebar).

However, today she is not laughing. She is praying and pleading. First, please read her post HERE, then read the one HERE and do what you can to help little Coleman. If all you can do is pray then please do that too!

If you are new to the blogosphere, and have no clue what the heck I'm talking about , please click on my Its 4 The Kids button on my sidebar. This site was also created by Michelle and is being used to help raise money so we can get rid of childhood cancer!


Well I've got to go start dinner, and do a few dishes and fold some laundry. Hope everyone had a fantastic day. I know it is Veteran's Day and I have not forgotten those who have fought and died for our country. I'm proud to know a few personally , as well as my family members who were in the military. All I can do is say Thank You:)
Nicoles school is having their Veterans Day Assembley on Friday. I wil be there and hopefully can get some video of it.

Hope everyone had a good day:) I will try to catch up on some more of my blog reading later tonight or tomorrow. Bye for now!


Anonymous said...

I'm really surprised there was class today...mt kids are off.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

Happy Veterans Day!

Anonymous said...

Hope all is well...Email me when you can so I can add your email back, I reformated my pc, and forgot to write down all my email address!

Bogart said...

Thanks for sharing those links...

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