Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Skating, fun and Lots of Giggling

Well yesterday I had Nicole and her two good friends Carson and Karleigh.

Karleigh got dropped off here early yesterday morning because her mom had a bunch of other stuff to do , which was fine - her and Nicole played till we had to go get Carson.

After we picked Carson up , I got turned around and it took us a half hour to get to the skating rink that was supposedly only 10 minutes away...

The girls wound up having a blast.

This is what we were supposed to have done for Nicole birthday party, so she got her presents from her friends too. She had mentioned to me that she wanted a personal doorbell for her room. I had never heard of this, but lo and behold Karleighs mom found on, lol. A pink one. That takes voice messages if the person isnt' in their room.

From Carson she got a "party for 8" , with make-up, a tiara, beauty pageant sash and tons of beads for making bracelets. Needless to say , after lastnight, I'm wondering how many beads I'll either be vacuuming up or stepping on in the next few days, hahaha.

Tomorrow we are going to my moms so today I have to make a pumpkin cheesecake and scalloped eggplant for my contributions. I'm looking forward to tomorrow, but I'm REALLY looking forward to Friday. My BFF NIKKI, is coming into town and my mom has graciously agreed to watch the kiddos and her and I are going out to lunch and browse/shopping. We always seem to wind up in a bookstore because that is just one of the many things we have in common is our love of books.

She and I have been friends for 20+ plus years, and I haven't seen her in two , so I'm way excited and will surely get pics of the kiddos together and then of us. /squeal I can't wait!!!!

Ya'll have good day and a safe holiday tommorow.

*P.S. Daddy, at this time of year I'm thankful you are no longer in pain and suffering but I miss you, and wish you were here. Love you:)


Michelle said...

Now that sounds like a really fun day. Except for the presents ;) And I really want to know how the personal doorbell works out. You'll have to share more on that later.

Happy Thanksgiving a day early!

Anonymous said...

Those girlys are so sweet! I'd love to be that age again!!!

Hope y'all have a blessed Thanksgiving, we will be working, and being blessed with jobs!

Much Love & Happy Thanksgiving!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

what wonderful fun... HAppy Thanksgiving to you and I could hear that happy squeel all the way here abotu Nikki coming... YOu two have a blast (yeah like you need my directions on how to do that)

Anonymous said...

They look so happy, like they really enjoyed themselves! So, so sweet!

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