Thursday, September 18, 2008

It's a Tylenol PM night:)

I had to sub today. Thank the good Lord above that it was NOT as bad as last Thursday. Today I had a First grade class and for the most part they were good. I didn't have to send anyone to the nurse, nor did I have to send out a search party for people playing in the bathroom, nor did I have to have the Vice Principal come talk to my class. YAY!

However, I was on my feet about 90 percent of the time so right now my legs and feet hurt so its definitley a tylenol PM nite so I will be able to sleep:)

When I came home I had a few dishes to do and had to get a meatloaf in the oven. Nicole sometimes likes to help me cook so I thought while I was doing the dishes SHE could mix up the meatloaf. She thinks its gross and fun at the same time to squish the ingredients together. My meatloaf is very yummy, I hardly have ANY leftovers, but I know I don't look this happy when making it:

and the finished, uncooked meatloaf:

Well, I hope ya'll had a great day too!

If you like the CIRCUS, and think of yourself as a ringmaster, sideshow freaky act, acrobat, or trapeze artist, hop on over to HERE and tell Michelle at SoS why you think you should be that particular part of the circus. It's another contest! YIPPEE!!!

I entered myself as a sideshow freak:)


Michelle said...

Ummm did you notice that you went from "got" to sub to "had" to sub? And it's only the third week of school? Hmmmm....

MaBunny said...

LOL NO Michelle, I didn't realize I had typed it that way!
But so far I've only had the ONE bad experience, so all is well. It is to be expected, NO class can be good all the time. If I had to sub that class again, I would alredy know the trouble makers, and hoefully be on to their tricks!
Plus I was getting sick and didn't know it;)
And for us its the 5th week of school, not the third. Nicole gets her first report card in another week!

Anonymous said...

She does look happy making it! Happy Day!

Lena said...

I remember loving to squish the meatloaf mix too. Ew! Now I want to use gloves to do it!

Bogart said...

I really hope you put bacon on top of the meatloaf as you cook it.

There is no other way to enjoy the loaf.

Anonymous said...

Eww...Bacon on Meatloaf? Never tried it, but it doesn't sound very good, but next time Im going to try it, do you put it cooked or uncooked, uncooked I assume?

My rooms are almost done Ill be posting pictures soon!

MaBunny said...

No,No, God NO! NO BACON ON MY MEATLOAF!!!!!!!!!1

honestly? I put 1/2 roll of breakfast sausage in it and it is way yummy!
but different regions cook different things I guess...

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