Friday, August 8, 2008

New Contest

But its not mine! Head over to see Michelle at SoS, and enter her newest contest on things you never thought you'd utter before having kids. Whoever makes her pee her pants the most will win one of her namesakes for you, a child or someone else you care about.

Also put that you heard about it from my blog! If you win, then I win a namesake too for referring you!

NOt much else to blog about today. I've now finished orientation for subs at my new job ( being a substitute teacher at Nicoles school), and gotten my fingerprints done. Now we just have Student orientation this coming Monday, and she starts on the 18th!

We have a bit of a relief from 100+ temps this past week. We have Hurricane Edouward to thank for that .

Also I learned about an awesome site called paperbackswap. I learned about it from my friend Lena of MorganFollies. You simply go to www. and sign up for a free account. You have to list 10 paperback books in good condition that you are willing to swap, and in return you get to request books when you have credits. All it costs you is the postage to mail one of your books if it is requested. I've already listed my 10 books, requested two and got the first one already , its fun!, so go check it out!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! I will doing normal housestuff today, mainly trying to get my bedroom in soem semblance of order!
Take Care:))


Anonymous said...

A paperback swap? That sounds like a great idea...good for the evironment too!

Michelle said...

I've heard of that program before... and I'd love to join it but first that would mean finding time to read a book. Someday though, right?!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

heading to the paper back swap I have a CLOSET FULL!
Hugs Laura

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