Saturday, August 23, 2008


Meet my BFF Nikki. We have been friends for 24 years. We met in Ms. Shores 7th grade math class. Atthe time she was also good friends with Mary. The three of us quickly united over the horrors of Junior HighSchool and were forever bonded. We lost track of Mary forone reason or another and now its just me and Nikki.
This picture was taken the week before our high school graduation, at our Bacclaurate ( sp??).From l-r its Nikki, me ( don't you love my big glasses???),and Mary.

I don't remember when this photo was taken, but this is 'Hot Nikki'.

This was Nikki before we went out to party for her 21st birthday.

Nikki and I have been through so much in 24 years as only true friends can do. We have been there for each other through hookups, breakups and eventually when we met our true loves. This is Nikki , late at night, at my apartment, helping me make the bouquets and such for my wedding. She is a very talented artist, and did my boquets as gorgeous as ever!

She is also very selfless. Her birthday happened to fall on the day that Chris and I had planned for our wedding. I wanted to honor her in some way for all the help she gave me that day , and since my dads birthday was two days later when we would be on our honeymoon, I decided to bake them each a cake, (like I didn't have enough to do already the day before my wedding, lol) and have the entire reception sing to them. Here is the look on their faces when they got their cakes. ( her mom had hers and my mom had my dads)

Look who caught my bouquet!!! ( her mom is sitting behind her and her sister Kim is standing behind her). True to myth that the person who catches the bouqet is the next to get married is sooo true, because the following April 11th, Chris and I were standing up for her wedding to William ( who she met thru Chris and I when she showed up for dinner one night and Chris brought a friend home from work for dinner)! It was instant attraction.

This is a pciture of her little family then. Gosh Nathan was only like 2 in this picture! She has now added a little Cherub named Sonya who just turned 6. Unfortunatlely for me, when my puter had problems not to long ago I lost the recent pictures she has sent me!
She still lives inTexas, butnow lives like 8 hours from me. That totally sucks, since due to our schedules we can't see each other near as often as we like. thank goodness for emails, and phones!



Visit her blog HERE!


Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Nikki! I heard your name mentioned probably from day 1 that I met Marcy!

Sarah said...

Haha! Oops, that was Lena not Sarah! I forgot she was signed in on this computer.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

Happy birthday Nikki, I am so evnious of you two and a life long friendship thats just too cool!!!!!!
HUgs Laura

Nikki said...

Aaawww, shucks! Thank you for everything, you're so sweet! And I can't believe you still have all those pictures! Yep, the Tuesday after Labor Day will be 12 years since your hubbie introduced me to my hubbie, can't believe it sometimes-time flies by so fast!
Thanks again for the Birthday wishes and you have a GREAT Anniversary! Love ya and miss ya!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet birthday present...I love that y'all have BFF's forever! True Friendship is hard to finD! Congrat's on your Friendship & Happy Birthday Nikki!

MaBunny said...

There are some pictures that I decided NOT to put up Nikki! I think you would have killed me...:))) But that doesn't mean I saw them and didn't at least think of it, and had a really good laugh!
( think after one particular pool party - you were looking a bit too relaxed - read plastered!, lol:)) love ya!

joanne said...

Happy Birthday warned i'm off to visit your site next ;)

How great is that? OMG we all need a Nikki in our lives and you've found yours...24years wow...that's wonderful. Thanks for sharing her with all of us ;)

Anonymous said...

How wonderful to have such a long-lasting friendship. You are so blessed and Happy Birthday Nikki!

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