Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today would have been my dads 66th birthday. He passed away November of 2004. I don't feel like crying every day now, but on days like this it is hard not to shed a tear or two. I know he can see us from Heaven , but I wish he was here on Earth to see Nicole growing into such a beautiful girl.

One thing alot of people remember of my dad was his humor. Gosh did he love to tell jokes. Apparently he was like his dad in that respect from what my grandmother used to say.

I've found some old pitures that I thought I'd share with you. Hope you enjoy!

This is my dad holding me when I was a baby.

This was my dads highschool graduation picture

I added this picture of me to show you just how much I look like my dad. This was me around the same age. The dog I'm holding was his dog Whiskers

My dad in the Army

My dad posing with their two dogs at the time, an older Whiskers and puppy Chou-Chou, who was a schnoodle. She was originally given to me by my uncle but when I moved into my apartment she didn't go with me.
This is one of myfavorite pics of my dad. If you noticed in the other photos he didn't smile much because he didn't like getting his picture taken. See the big smile on our wedding day? Was it because he was giving me away? lol. He and chris always got along, and I think this shows that dad approved of the man I chose to spend my life with.

Happy Birthday Dad! I love you and miss you!


Karen Deborah said...

awhhh sweet

Lena said...

Happy Heavenly Birthday! I'm sure he is so proud of you Marcy.

Memaw's memories said...

Happy birthday to your dad. I think we gals all miss our daddy's when they are no longer around.

I lost mine in 1993, and I still miss him dearly.

joanne said...

Oh Marcy,
such sweet, sweet memories. I'm sure your dad knows what a wonderful daughter you have. I am sure he danced the day that she was born. May your day, his special day, be filled with goodness and good memories ;)

Anonymous said...

What such WONDERFUL memories...Love the pictures..and gosh you looked just like your daddy...he couldn't deny you! haha! Whiskers was a Schnauzer...We have 2, how old was he when he passed away, WHisker's that is?
What a priceless picture of your daddy & Chris...
Pictures is my Hobby...When they're gone, they are so wonderful to look back @ everything your life held...What a Blessing...Hope your day holds wonderful thoughts, and blessings!


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