Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It's Hump Day!

Wow, 5 days till the start of school. Seems summer has flown by.
Monday night we went to her orientation. We found out who her new teacher will be. We found out where her classroom will be. She was NOT happy. Let me explain.
Nicole goes to a Charter school. A Christian based Charter school. ( Like most or all school districts prayer is not allowed in the classroom but the school is held in a Church and you know HE is present. )
Anyway, there are three buildings. Her campus currently goes K-10th. This year she was so excited becasue she was moving to the Middle school building for the 4-6th grades. When we found out who her teacher was and where he classroom was we had to double check the map. It said her classroom was in the old building - the baby building if you will ( her words not mine). Her classroom this year is right next to the one she was in last year for 3rd grade. When we met the teacher she asked her right off why she was in this building and NOT with the other 4th graders. ( Her freind Carson is even in the other building). Turns out her teacher explained that they added another 4th grade class this year and needed another room. She will apparacntly be in the 'baby' building the first half of the day and the middle school building the other half of the day. She will still get a locker, which in her mind is a right of passage, and such, so I think she will be ok.
Her teacher also mentioned that her class will be doing alot of mentoring to the little kids, reading to them and such, which she is ecstatic about. She is a natural with little ones, which boads well for her upcoming baby sitting years.

Good news I found out the other day is that she can still wear her navy blue modesty skorts. She can also wear the plaid skirt if she wants, but thank goodness we don't have to get her one before school.

Chris is going to the lake with his cousin Brett this weekend to fish, and to take care of the lawns before his Uncles comes down next month. That means that Nicole and I get a girls weekend. We are going to go out to lunch, go grocery shopping, get some new stuff for school and get our hair cut. Oh excuse me, she is getting her trimmed NOT cut, lol. I'm getting mine cut , it is driving me nuts. I will take pictures of us on our fun day outing and share with you. Hopefully I will start getting calls to sub soon:)) /fingers crossed.

In other news, our 12 yr anniversary is coming up on the 24th. Remember I said some posts back that Chris said he was thinking of something for our anniversary but wouldn't' tell me? welllll, the other night we were on our computers while Nicole was at Carson's, and he was looking some stuff up, typing and such. I couldn't see what he was reading and/or typing because I am that blind, lol. However when I got up to pass behind his chair to let the schmutzes out (read dogs) he minimized what he was looking at. I knew it wasn't naked ladies or anything like that, but when I asked him he said it was none of my business so I just left it alone.
I won't keep bugging him like I am itching to do. I already have his anniversary present and I can't really say what it is because he reads my blog sometimes, but I will say it is something he has mentioned in the past that he wanted.

Hope everyone has a great day!


Lena said...

I can't wait to hear all the surprises!!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see these gifts!

Karen Deborah said...

cool! hope your hair turns out cute! and thanks for reminding me that my anniversary is this month! I am soo crazy, 21 years for us. Tell us what you get oh tay?

Nikki said...

Can't believe y'all are already starting school! We don't start til the 25th, which I'm glad and kind of sad about. Doesn't seem like I've gotten to do nearly as much with the kids as I wanted, oh well, maybe we can go to the Drive In Friday!

Anonymous said...

You need to take lot's of pics of you & Nicole on your weekend out! That's always lot's of fun!

As far as the Anny...Hopefully he has something Fantabolous up his sleeve..besides his arm!

Michelle said...

Wow. I can't believe that school starts for you in only five days. That's so SOON!

And we definitely need some before and after pics of the haircuts! Excuse me, trim and a haircut.

Anonymous said...

Most of our schools started last monday..8/4/08...but the majority of our schools, are year round..they go like 3-4 months, then out 5-6 weeks @ a time...Most of the kids love it here...

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