Wednesday, August 27, 2008

HoMe aLoNe

/SIGH... with Nicole off to school now, and Chris at work I've been having ALOT of alone time. More than I can handle actually. I see stuff that needs to be done , I do it or don't. Eat or not. Read or not. I have so many options. I'm sick of T.V to a point, my bestest friend lives 8 hours away, another really good friend lives like 4 hours away. /sigh...

I'm my own worst company... I do have the dogs and the bird of course, but they don't talk. They are just like children , barking , growling and/or tweeting at me because they are hungry. The bird screeches when she wants out of her cage to fly, the dogs stare at me like automatons when they have to go out...

My older dog doesn't always act like she wants me to hold her or whatever, but then God forbid I have to go to the bathroom during the day, she will come and scratch the door till I lean over and let her in, or she will just follow me in, and then proceed to sit on my feet while I'm on the toilet... yea , thats comfy... then when I leave the bathroom she goes back and lays down on her pillow. Really, I can go potty all by myself! I've done it before!

Whenever I eat they have to be right there though. They have not figured out that I am NOT giving them salad, mac -n- cheese, cereal, milk, v-8 juice, chocolate , or meatloaf.
I NEVER try to eat THEIR food, so why on earth would they want to eat my food? Really I'm sure their doggy biscuits are fine, as well as their dog chow but I'm not going to try it.

The only time I can get away from them is when I'm back here on the computer. Now this only works if I have the TV on , because it pops occasionally and the older dog thinks it is shooting her. This also means they will occassionaly come back and let me they have to go out. the younger dog is guiltier of this than the older one, but I have walked into the den to find a present. She follows me till she sees me notice her present and then she will try to tuck her nubber (tail) between her legs and run for the hills ( bedroom). I then throw her outside because of the little present. /SIGH!


Anyway, thank you to all for the kind things you said about my dad, and thanks for putting up with all the pictures I've posted lately. I've actually had a good time doing that.


I would like to remind everyone that this weekend is Labor Day Weekend. For me that means that the Jerry Lewis Telethon for Muscular Dystrophy is on! I urge you if you can to donate ! You cannont imagine the money needed to do the research to find cures for the OVER 40 DIFFERENT TYPES OF MD!!!! or to send every child affected by MD to summer camp.
The MDA has done so many extraordinary things that my mom and I can't thank them enough!
I will soon post pictures of the hardware I have to wear on my legs and I will try to get pics of my moms. They are soooo attractive!
If you would like to find out more about our form of MD called CHARCOT-MARIE-TOOTH, please click HERE to visit the MDA website.

Ya'll come back now ya hear??????


Laura ~Peach~ said...

yep I know just how you feel... Hugs Laura

Anonymous said...

I confess, today is my first day of aloneness and I'm liking it...maybe it will wear off soon.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

If the dogs start talking to you....CALL ME!!

Hallie :)

Anonymous said...

CMT is NOT a 'form' of MD !!! It is a neuromuscular syndrome characterized by peripheral neuropathy. The MDA helps people with CMT and many other neuromuscular disorders with healthcare. For some really good CMT information from thousands with CMT, check out CMTUS

MaBunny said...

OMG!! Yes Anonymous I KNOW what CMT is ! I have it ! but that was the best way to describe it... so I may check out that website but the future don't assume to tell me what I've lived with for the last 4 years!

Anonymous said...

Marcy...I laughed @ the thought when the the tv pop's the oldest one thinks it's shooting @ her...LOL, Gracie hates anything Loud..that sounds like a gunshot...she tucks tail and runs..They have their own little quirks just like we do...Im so with you on the Food..I don't want their's why they beg for ours?

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