Sunday, August 17, 2008

Saturdays Pictures

Ok, Ok, Ok. I did not post the pictures from our day out yesterday with that post and even got a comment of WHERE R THE PICS??? so here are the pics. I totally forgot about doing this while eating lunch, and browsing at the dollar store, lol, but did get the before we left pics and one of Nicole getting her hair trimmed. She didn't take one of me getting mine done, but I will have Chris take one and will post it for your viewing pleasure ( read with a hint of sarcasm).

Isn't she purdy????


Mona cutting Nicoles hair

What happens to Cooper when Nicole gets bored. Nicole was even kind enough to have the chefs hat cover Coopers missing eye. Immediately after this was taken, Cooper rolled over and tried desperately to get the hat off herself.

Well my baby goes back to school tomorrow as I'm sure I have mentioned. I will post a pic of her from the morning before she leaves when she is all fresh faced and in her clean uniform ready to face a new year. She is looking forward to it. She and Carson were discussing over the phone lastnight who they had in their classes and whatnot and it was kind of funny to listen to.

Anyway, hope ya'll are having a great weekend! Catch ya later:))


Laura ~Peach~ said...

ok pics are great :D can't wait to see miss Nicole all ready for her first day of school!
Happy sunday!

Anonymous said...

That pup, OMG hilarious with that hat.

Anonymous said...

THose pics are great, so it took me so long to respond...Been on 12 hr graveyards....Im so lovin the dog....he's eatin that up!

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