Friday, August 29, 2008

How Do You Talk?

Take this quiz and find out if you talk suthern, or like a yank!
I registered as 58 % Dixie. - Barely Dixie.
I thought this was pretty funny considering I was born in Chicago , IL and moved to TX when I was 8.
Have fun!
Let me know what it said about YOU!


Lolosblog said...

Funny Funny!!!! I am 100% Dixie!!! As I should be, Born and raised right here in TEXAS!!! Best state there is!!!!!

Lena said...

I was also barely Dixie. I suppose it doesn't surprise me but I WAS born and raised here. I think Texan and Southern are two completely different ways of speaking. I didn't realize "syrup" (pronounced surup or surp by my 3 year old) was pronounced other ways, lol.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Will take the quiz in a bit. John is making me paint, paint, paint right now!!


Nikki said...

Yep, shulda knowed it, I'm "100% Dixie. Is General Lee your grandfather?!". Well, he's not my grandpa, but he is a great- something-or-other on my husband's side of the family. Both of us born and raised in Texas!

joanne said...

I was 0% Dixie...not even a little drop...OMG I need lessons ;)

My Two Army Brats said...

20% Dixie. The other 80 pure Yankee I guess.

I'm from Michigan lived there my first 18 years then moved to upstate NY for a year and then off to Alaska for 6 years and now in Missouri for 2years. My hubbys pure Texan which I believe has it's own language so no matter how hard I try I pick up on some of his Texan..."fixin" is a new part of my vocabulary that makes me want to rip out my vocal cords! I swore when we got married I'd have him speaking "properly" in a year....I was wrong, so so so wrong!

Anonymous said...

I am 16% Dixie, I guessI'm quite the Yank!

Anonymous said...

100% Dixie. That was so fun! and true southerners..really use this language...When we go North, people look especially @ me, because Im so country sound'n..Oh well...I think Paula Deen was my momma in another life!

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