Friday, August 22, 2008

My (pre) Anniversary Post

Well, our 12 yr anniversary is getting closer. We've got some stuff that has come up and we won't be able to go out to dinner but we will soon, no big deal. Hope everyone enjoyed the pictures I've added to my posts lately, I'm getting better with my scanner , right?? lol.

I do have to mention something cool that happened after I did yesterdays post though.

I chekced my comments early this morning and low and behold there was one from a CNeal. It turns out that she is the author of the book I got Chris for an anniversary present. When I typed the name and such , she said she got a Google alert that someone had posted something about the book.. I think that is awesome!

I hope you enjoy the pics I'm about to share with you. I have some fun posts coming up in the next few days so please come back to visit. I've got one I'm doing tomorrow that I think everyone will enjoy, and I've been warned by my BFF Nikki, that it better not be something that happened on the same day as my wedding!

Guess you will just have to wait and see Nik , huh? ( insert evil grin here!)

Ok, this first picture I took of Chris about a year before we were married. I've always carried it with me, its one of my favorite pictures of him of all time.

This is my other favorite picture of him. This was taken before our wedding. I hadn't seen him yet at this point. I was still at the hotel getting fussed over by myattendants.

This of course was after the wedding, with all of our attendants. We got married outdoors in the Gazebo in the Historical Town Square here in Lancaster. It was very humid and overcast that evening. It started raining as everyone was getting in their cars to go to the reception.

This picture of us was the April after we got married. We were both standing up for my BFF Nikki's wedding to William.

We have had alot of good things happen in the past twelve years. The main thing of course is Nicole:)) We've also had some bad things happen to us. I think we all have to have some bad along with the good in order to be a better couple. It has brought us closer.

Chris is my best friend, lover , and confidant. He is smart, handsome, funny, and caring. I can't imagine ever loving anyone more than I do him.

I am indeed a lucky woman!

Happy Anniversary Honey!!


Anonymous said...

How beautiful! I wish you many, many happy years together.

Lena said...

Love the pics! You guys are great together. I will always think of the pink shirt that Chris was wearing the last time I saw him- something about real men wearing pink! Love it!

joanne said...

What a beautiful couple you two are. No wonder your little punkin' is so adorable. Wishing you many, many years of happiness. Congratulations...

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!!! What beautiful pictures and your present is lovely!

Chris H said...

Gorgeous photos, gorgeous couple... and congrats on the upcoming anniversary! I think it's so lovely when one's love just grows and grows, that's how it's supposed to be ... and Stew and I are truly blessed that our love is so strong too...after 21 years!

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