Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I Need Sleep

Not posting anything major today. Up alot during the night. Thunder. Lightening. Dog scared of said thunder and lightening. Chris and I not alot of sleep. Sewage system either got struck by lightening or all the rain water backed some sewer water into out main bathroom near our bedroom. Woke up at 145 thinking older dog scared of thunder and lightening had messed the bed. Woke Chris, discovered smell coming from drain in tub - yuck...
took blanket, dog and flashlight into den with hubby - watched TV till 330 , till storm once again calmed down. Alarm went off at 545am. Currently encouraging child to get ready for school. I can barely stay awake and will promptly crawl back into bed as soon as shes off for school.



I didn't get as long to nap this morning as I had hoped. I will clarify that one of the things that woke me up was my toilet bubbling over like a cauldron - it was that loud... Ran to the front of the house where I see city water dudes working on the sewer of my neighbors house. Toilet stopped bubbling, but by then I had nasty toilet water on the seat and partly on the floor - cleaned up said toilet water, got dressed , played on computer and didn't do a flipping other thing today.
Will write more tomorrow:))


Wonderful World of Weiners said...


Can I say ICK?


Nikki said...

Yucky, icky, pooey! Well, at least you do get the chance to go back to bed, that's one positive! Hope you have a nice nap!

Anonymous said...

Yuck on the Poo, but it does happen! As far as the sleep Up @ 2am this morning, and still going STRONG! Im sleep deprived, this I know...hahaha

Anonymous said...

UGh, what a horrible night...nothings worse than backed up poo!

Chris H said...

IIIIKKKK that stinks... NO pun intended! Hope the problem is sorted now!

Bogart said...

I need to stop coming to your site.

That song keeps making me tear up.

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