Monday, August 11, 2008

Lotsa Stuff

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Nicole spent the night with her friend Carson Friday night and we got her back late Saturday so all was good. We spent most of the weekend watching the Olympics, mainly mens and womens gymnastics, womens synchro diving and swimming.

Ok, down to business. Ever since I posted about my getting a pair of YUMS shoes, but didn't post a picture of them I have gotten TONS of hits for people googling for Yums shoes. So I took a picture of mine and of Nicoles to post , so when people google them they can see them.

Here are my Bubble Gum Yums:

Each shoe has the YUMS logo on the back:

These are Nicoles Candy Apple Red Yums:

See the picture of the Candy Apple on the bottom? Tex has designed the bottom of each shoe to match its name. So on my Bubble Gum ones, it looks like splotches of pink bubble gum. The Cupcake ones have a cupcake, the Grape a picture of grapes, etc...

Cute arent they??? If you wanna see where they are near you , go to the website.

I also have finished something that I've been talking about previously - MY PURSE!! I can tell you I will NOT be making a lot of them as they are tedious, but I will carry mine as it is adorable!

Hope you can see the pattern well enough. The lump under the blanket that I propped it up on is on of my dogs, lol as she wouldn't move. So I could put stuff in the purse and actually carry it I lined it with a fabric a few shades darker, and also lined the handles so they wouldn't stretch. I don't like sewing so this was not fun for me, but I am pleased with my first attempt overall. I have to get crocheting now on some hats that people have mentioned they want by the time its cold , and I have at least one lapghan to make. I will post pics of those when they are done.

If you want a hat for you or a child or baby, or a lapghan, please let me know. As Hallie mentioned not to long ago its a little over 100 days till Christmas. Hats I can get out fairly quickly, lapghans 2-3 wks.

Now for a little problem. I went to tuck Nicole into bed lastnight and I off handedly remarked that I hadn't seen her play with her Barbies ALL summer so since she was cleaning her room , why not pack them away and that would give her more space. She said she hasen't played with them because they are old. Ok, she does have some of my old barbie dolls and I'm sure some of them can be thrown away - they've been loved literally to death. But she has gotten several new ones in the past 6yrs and much more recently (think birthday last November...) but she wants new ones. I told her that was not going to happen. We could go thru them objectively and get rid of the ones that were ruined or whatever but not any of the more recent ones! I told her after we go thru them we could pack most of them away and she could keep a few out. My mom packed mine away when I was about her age, so that makes sense. What would ya'll do? Did you go thru something similar wiht your Barbies? If you have grown children (girls) did you pack their Barbies away? Please let me know. I thought she loved her Barbies and would want to put them away for her little girl one day. Her reply? What if I don't have a girl???

Well PUNKIN, I didn't know I'd have a girl either but if you didn't, then give them to someone else!!!! UGH!!!

Have a great day, we have school orientation tonight to find out who Nicoles teacher is and meet her, so she is excited and so am I . I always loved the first day of school, didn't you??


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I remember playing with Barbies but don't remember what happened to them. I certainly didn't need them with my boys!!

Xmas is 135 days away. You should be able to make TONS of great stuff!


Nikki said...

Oh my goodness, I think I kept playing with my Barbies til I was entering Junior High, so that'd be what 11-12yrs old, I think. But I did put them up real nice and recently found them in a box I've been luging around for the last 3 years. Had Barbie, the hand made clothes my grandmother gave me (she didn't make them, but they were a very nice set) I also had Donny and Marie, Dolly Parton, and Mork and Mindy. Some with their original clothes still on them. Didn't know I was such a neat freak back then! Good Luck with current Barbie issue!

Anonymous said...

Those shoes are so adorable, I have never heard of them. Now I want them...I wonder if they have orange? Yes orange, my fav color!

Michelle said...


My mom GAVE away my Barbies, my Cabbage Patch Kids (granted, I did sort of have 8), my Strawberry Shortcake, and my Lincoln Logs. I'm still holding a grudge.

She may not want them now, but she will someday. When Mister Man finally outgrows his Thomas, every single one of them is going to be carefully packed away for grandchildren.

The Broken Man said...

I think that nostalga happens a bit later - I bet if you were to pack them up and keep them, one day she would come to you saying "mum, whatever happened to my Barbies - I'd like to give them to my daughter one day", whatever she says now!

The Broken Man

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Maybe I DID wake up gnawing on John. Maybe I just DIDN'T tell you!


Bogart said...

First day of school? I don't remember that...

I am sure the memories will come flooding back when I have kids and they have to go to school though.

Anonymous said...

I can honestly this day...I still have all my their trunk in the top of one of my closets. As well as My Rainbow Brite,her friends, & horse, as well as all 17 of my cabbage patch kids...I thought one day I would have a girl...and then chose not to have any, but it's still fun to go down Memory Lane!

Chris H said...

Those shoes are just lovely, hope I don't see any here cos I will want some! Stew will have a fit!

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