Thursday, July 9, 2009


For those of you not on FB, here is what Chris looked like lastnight. Actually, he looked like this for the past day and a half , since he woke up with an abcessed tooth that got progressively worse. It was actually swollen up into his eye. This photo was taken after he got home from the dentist. He was on some good drugs at the time, but it took them almost an hour and a half to pull the tooth. Today he is a bit better, and will be able to go back to work tomorrow.

This next picture was taken on the 4th. Nicole and I had gone to the next town over for a fireworks show and I only got two good shots. This one I just think is absolutely beautiful. The moon was full and the sky was just the prettiest blue.

This was just a pretty firework, before it fully exploded.

And I finally finished the shawl I was making for Hallies raffle! If you have not yet donated , please click the button on the left hand side at the top! It is for a wonderful cause, and she has fantastic prizes! The shawl is being modeled by Nicole:))
If you really can't see it, it is a deep burgundy color. I alternated every five rows between single and double crochet. It will fit comfortably around the shoulders and is guaranteed to keep you warm... Go donate and you have a chance to win this beautiful shawl:)) She is giving away prizes for 25 days in August. Wouldn't winning one of these fantastic prizes just before kiddo goes back to school be fantastic? also knowing you won because you donated to a fabulous cause!

Hope ya'll are having a great week!


Michelle said...

You know... he really looks like he's on some good drugs there! Glad he'll be back at work soon!

Christina - Rant Rave Roll said...

Holy Cow... poor Chris. Hope he feels better soon. I love that pic of the half exploded firework.

Flea said...

Omigoodness! Your poor hunny! I hope he's healed up and feeling better now.

The shawl turned out BEAUTIFULLY! And Nicole looks darling modeling it. Tell her Thaniel and I say hello?

Karen Deborah said...

ice his cheek poor guy!

Chris H said...

OOOOuch! Poor Chris! I hope he is feeling and looking much better now!
Lovely photos!

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