Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Truths Revealed

Okies, here are the truth behind the statements I posted on Monday. Most of you got them right, but one or two I was shocked that you thought were true!

1. I have wrecked/totalled every car that Chris and I have ever owned. - Unfortunately this is TRUE. Now, not all of them have been MY fault, but yes, every car that has been in OUR name I've wrecked.

2. I used to be a stripper back in my skinny days, and used it to put myself through school.
FALSE! I was a belly dancer not a stripper. I worked in a local flower shop while going through school to work in the medical field.

3. I flunked the 7th grade.
FALSE! I had alot of trouble when I got to junior high, and I got like 4 D's my first six week period, but it was a major time of adjustment. I had gone to an elementary school thru 6th grade - so it was a big change.

4. I had to take cooking lessons before I got married - I wasn't very culinarily ( a real word?) inclined.
FALSE! I didn't know how to cook alot of stuff, but I could bake well. Over the past 15 yrs though I've learned to feed my family pretty well.

5. After I had Nicole I was told to not have any more kiddos.
Sadly this is TRUE. With the CMT and stuff I could fall and injure myself and the baby, and I was so sick when I was pregnant with Nicole, the doctor told me it would be better to not try that again.

6. In highschool, I was shy and reserved - and didn't go out much at all.
I'd have to say this one is TRUE! I wasn't really shy by any means, but I only had a few really close friends. I liked heavy metal music, and smoked cigarettes but I wasn't a partier. We used to go to the local hangouts all the time, but just to mess around.

7. I'm originally from Chicago.
TRUE! Michelle said at least she knows she will get one right! I was originally born in Christ Community Hospital in Chicago, IL. I moved to Texas in June of 1979 - so I've been here for 30 years.

8. I used to play the piano.
FALSE! I played the organ. I didn't take piano lessons like a normal child - my dad loved organ music so thats what I learned to play. I can no longer remember how to play anything but the Entertainer!

9. I've been skydiving.
FALSE! I'm scared of heights, so there is absolutely NO WAY I'd ever do this.

10. My marriage to Chris is my second marriage.
FALSE!! I was engaged once before, but never married.

Thanks for playing along! It was fun trying to come up with those. Hope everyone has a great hump day!


Laura ~Peach~ said...

well i did really good i tossed a coin on the sky diving LOL

Nikki said...

Ok, have to disagree with you on the "shy and reserved-and didn't go out much at all". I remember a certain someone earning the nickname of "Blanche" in high school...nuff said ;) hehehe!

MaBunny said...

HEHE Nikki! I don't remember that, but, and I admit I might have kissed a few guys, but NOTHING ELSE!!! Blanche did a whole lot more than kiss! nuff said:)) :P

Michelle said...

Ooo, I'm pretty impressed. I only got one wrong! Way cool.

Christina - Rant Rave Roll said...

See... it wouldn't have been fair of me to play. Just wanted to stop in and say HI!!

Mary Ellen said...

I think it's a little scary that you've wrecked every car you've owned. Please be careful!!

And I'm with you on skydiving? You've have to force me out at gunpoint!

Flea said...

Awesomeness. I only got one wrong. :) And next time I come visit? I'm doing all the driving.

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