Friday, July 24, 2009

Not What I Had Planned

I'm leaving you with this cute quiz I took - its all I got this morning folks. I woke up with the same headache I went to bed with, so I"m going to eat a little something , make sure its not a hungry headache, then go back to bed! Will have more up later - since I did have somehting planned for a post today that happened during the night...

Till Then..

You Are Patient Enough
In most cases, you are patient enough to keep it together.
You may feel impatient on the inside, but you don't usually let it show.

However, if you're made to wait for too long, you will usually crack.
You're only human, after all. You don't like for your patience to be tested.


Mary Ellen said...

So sorry about your headache - hope it goes away quickly, with no patience required!

Chris H said...

I hope your headache is better now.
I took that little test, and I'm the same as you. ... thought Stew would disagree! He thinks I'm a very impatient person. pfffft!

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