Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Weekend Catch Up

Well when my MIL hit town Thursday, it started a whirlwind of activity. Thursday we visited and tried to get 4 dogs to cohabitate without wanting to kill each other.
Friday , after Chris left for work, I went to the pharmacy and picked up my prescription, then came home and woke Nicole and Sue up so they could get ready for the day ahead.
We then tried out a new diner - the Dallas Ave. Diner - and it got a rating of about 3 for service and 5 for food. Granted it was their grand opening day, but they took our order then brought Sue and Nicole their breakfast and totally hadn't even made mine! They didn't see on the ticket where he had written it. Once I got my breakfast it was good, and they said they would comp it, but still.

Anyway, after that, we walked aroudn Town Square a little bit and went into that new crochet shop Nicole and I found. Turns out that Sue knows the lady that runs it and they had a really nice visit.
Later that afternoon we all went to the beauty shop and got pampered a bit. Nicole, Sue and I all got new hair cuts. Totally forgot to get any pictures though, will try to soon! Instead of throwing my hair into a ponytail, it is now short enough I can't do that anymore, but at least I'm staying cool.

Saturday we went to see the new Harry Potter. The show time was 1045 - it was showing on 3 different screens. We had our tickets for almost a week. We got our ginormous bucket of popcorn, drinks and some candy and got good seats and awaited the beginning of the show. During the previews we realized the projector or whatever was messing up. A manager came in and said it would take up to 20 minutes or so to get it fixed. We could wait, or leave and get a refund. Chris had other stuff to do that day ( helping someone move), so he opted to leave the three of us there and he left.

We enjoyed the movie, but even knowing the ending, wasn't too keen on how they left it hanging after the major death....
After that we went grocery shopping and got all of Nicoles school supplies. The day before we had gotten all of her new uniforms too, so we are set, except for her school jacket. She starts back to school August 17, so as of today we only have 4 more weeks left! Wow - it has gone by quickly. When Sue finally gets up here, she wants to try and get a position at Lifeschool also as a sub - since you can only earn so much while drawing social security, and subbing woulb be a perfect way to manage that! I think she would be a great sub, as she is great with kiddos.

I found out a few weeks ago that my mother has to have plastic surgery on her eyes. All of her life her eyelids have had a bit too much skin. It makes her eyes look puffy, she was unable to ever wear any eye shadow, because you couldn't see it if she did , and now its affecting her vision a bit. She was also diagnosed with Macular Degeneration in both eyes. She is having the plastic surgery to fix her eyelids - and since they deemed it medically necessary then her insurance is paying for it. She is having it done the week before Nicole goes back to school so Nicole and I will be staying with her the night beofre thru the wednesday after.

That is all I've got for now, heres to hoping everyone is enjoying a great start to this new week!


Sherri Murphy said...

thank you so much for adding the link on your sidebar for Tyson. i know he and his family will appreciate the effort- as do I.

Flea said...

Oh wow. My grandmother has macular. There's so much hope for it now. Vitamins. Foods. All kinds of things to keep it at bay.

Michelle said...

Yikes - quit talking about back to school. I'm soooo not there yet! I haven't started to think about it. In fact, I should really figure out what we need soon.

Yay on the pampering - but we definitely need some pics!

joanne said...

Wow, you are all so busy!! I love having short hair in the summertime, it seems cooler than pinning it up all the time. It sounds like Nicole is all set for school...I can't believe it is almost time again. We start a little later her but everyone is starting to get all of their supplies together.
Have a good week...;p

Queenie Jeannie said...

Bella starts school on the 7th - and I can't wait!!!! (I know, I'm bad!)

Sounds like you have been busy!! I'm not a HP fan, but I've heard that people who love the books don't care for the movies.

Good luck to your Mom on her surgery! That's awesome that insurance is paying for it!

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