Friday, July 24, 2009

Our First Caualty on the Homefront...

I'm sorry if that title sounds a bit harsh. Here is what happened. About two this morning I felt something jump on me. A heavier something than either Cooper or Cher. It was the now 20 lb puppy Korie. I ask her what the heck she thinks shes doing and when I go to catch her she jumps down and runs back toward the den, where her mommy ( Nicole) and Chris had fallen asleep watching a movie.
Now when I went to bed she was in her cage. Not so anymore as there is a puppy head sized hole in the side mesh now. I yelled for her to stop which woke Chris up. Once he had reigned her in, we started to assess what she might have done. Had she just escaped and came to me cause she had to go potty? or had she been out a while and gotten into soem mischief.

Well, we turned on a lamp. Found several shredded kleenex, assorted paper, and a chewed up pencil. We also found a pile of poop and a puddle of tinkle, which I stepped in on the way to the bathroom to get toilet paper to pick up the poop. I was getting something to get the pee, while Chris picked up the poop, and he yelled. And cussed a little bit. Because he found this:

If you can't immediately tell what that is - it is a chewed up DVD. Of Chris' favorite show MASH. He has the first five seasons on DVD, as well as the series finale - Goodbye , Farewell, and Amen. He watched the entire series while growing up and looked forward to these folks

on show night, as much as I looked forward to every Thursday to see these folks -

Needless to say the puppy almost lost her life when he saw that. The question arose who left it out? Had it fallen on the floor? or had she stood up and gotten it? she hadn't ever done that before so we think somehow it wasn't put up in its case and was knocked off the TV somehow.

Nicole and I still love her, but at the moment not liking her very much - Chris on the other hand, well lets just say he didn't pet her , or talk to her this morning , just kind of leered at her and growled himself.
Hopefully he will recover and maybe I'll buy him another 5th season for a holiday - even though he probably wouldn't want me too.

Thats it for now - since I still have a headache - has to be something in the air.


Unknown said...

Ouch- with 5 dogs I totally know what you are talking about.
I stopped by from The Mommy Files to say hello since I'm another non-attendee to BlogHer.
Maybe next year.
Stop by and say hello when you get a chance.

joanne said...

Yikes! All that cute puppiness is going to wear off might fast..;p Have a good weekend and don't step in any poop..

Chris H said...

WHOOPS! Puppy must be teething...OR SOMETHING!

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