Thursday, July 23, 2009

Coming Out of the Woodwork

No, not bugs - relatives. Ever since Chris and I joined Facebook. I've just been finding people that I havne't talked to in ages. Its been great reconnecting with past friends and acquaintances.
Chris has also reconnected withe people he used to work with and be friends with in Colorado.
He has also found relatives. Now let me put it the way he put it. He said at his funeral there will STILL be relative of whom I've never met - his family has that many branches.

I've met a cousin of his recently that just moved back here after some marital problems. Great guy - funny and all around nice.
Last night I met yet another cousin of his that had just joined FB. Turns out she lives less than 30 minutes from us and works about 3 miles from Chris in Dallas!

I'm wondering now who else I'll meet. I also got to meet a friend of his that he used to work with in CO.

They are all just coming out of the woodwork!


Karen Deborah said...

it can take up your time for sure! Holler if you play Farm Town.

Chris H said...

I joined Facebook, but I virtually never go on it... it is too additctive.
I have seen many bloggers quit blogging cos they are too busy with FaceBook!

Talking of extended family... my Mum is the eldest of 10 kids... so imagine how many cousins I have!

Memaw's memories said...

I don't like facebook. It confuses me. I guess I'm just too old for it.

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