Sunday, March 29, 2009

Walk Like An Egyptian

Howdy to all out there in blog land.  Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend.
Me? it was ok.  If you read the last few days I was really excited about going to see the King Tut and the Golden Age of the Pharoahs exhibit at the Dallas Museum of Art.

Things from every angle tried to get us NOT to go.  

First - Chris had to work the weekend we had orginally planned on going ( the weekend of his birthday - the 21st/22nd)

Second - after we planned on going the next weekend ( this one) , and my MIL was supposed to come up and go with us , and celebrate Chris' bday then, she gets sick.  Now she is feeling a teensy bit better, but with the weather being what it is supposed to be this weekend, she would get worse, so she decided not to come. Can't really blame her there...

Third - we invite Nicoles BFF Carson to go in my MIL's place.  She is excited.  We get her home from school with Nicole this past Friday and the girls play good and chatter nonstop.  We get Italian take out from my favorite restaurant Roma's and Carson wanted Shrimp Alfredo.  She gets it, eats all the shrimp, a few alfredo noodles and some of the bread that came with it.  
About an hour later she says her tummy hurts.  Nothing ever winds up coming up or out but by 10:30 that night her dad came and got her.  She was over tired , and hungry.  

We weren't mad at her , but really didn't want that ticket to go to waste.  So at 6:30 Saturday morning I called my mom to see if she wanted to come with us.  We would have use of her truck, the ticket wouldn't go to waste, and I'd get to see my mom before she jets off to California with her sister next week.

She agrees, saying she really hadn't wanted to see it, but decides it might be kind of neat.
We finally get out there.  Our tickets said we couldn't enter the exhibit until 10am.  We get in there around 945.  They said we could get in line - no problem  On the way to the entrance to the exhibit, we get stopped by a guy trying to get us into the Egypt 3D movie that is 30 mins long and in his words " a good way to start the exhibit"   We agree and get charged 5 dollars a person to see a 30 minute movie...

It was pretty cool I will admit - then we get ushered into line for the exhibit.  Only now we are fighting for room in line with the 1030/1100am entries.   Also, they are renting  'audio tours' for seven dollars.  No thank you - we can read what all the stuff is.  Oh yeah, forgot to mention the 15 dollars they charged us to park...

I did have my leg braces on, my mom didn't.  The exhibit was 12 galleries large.  Took us 2 hrs to get through.  My mom and I also get very unsteady in the dark, due to the CMT.  Several of the galleries were dark , save for the light in the cases with the pure gold artifacts.  We held onto each other for dear life.  We wobbled but didn't fall down ( YAY)

We really enjoyed it, but geesh.  By the end of the exhibit Chris wondered what the $20 tickets were actually for.  Getting jostled around? having to fight to view the cases? ( the people with the audio tours would stand RIGHT in front of the show cases and look at it, not bothering to move their butts so anyone else could see...)   He was amazed we didn't have to pay to pee...

Then we get to the gift shop - you know, the giant money sucker extrodinaire.
I promised Carson we would get her something since she didn't get to go with us.  She had left the $10 with me that she had brought.  We wound up getting her and Nicoles names written in hieroglyphs,  like they would have written on their cartouche.  We came away from there with a few little memories.

Then we went out to dinner which was another $50 bucks. /sigh   the whole weekend just sucked money! We watched it fly thru our fingers and don't have much to show for it.  
Yes we had a good time being together.
Yes we had good food at Chili's .
Yes we will never get to experience the King Tut artifacts again .  
BUT, I'm with Chris, I don't see what the tickets actually entitled us to.  Normally we can walk and read for free...

Was right about not being able to take pictures inside the museum, so sorry about that!
Gotta work all day tomorrow, subbing for 6th grade - that should be interesting:))

Hope everyone has a great Monday!


Michelle said...

Yeah... and that's why I don't do museums :) Bummer that the expense of it was so great, but ... life is all about making the memories!

Nikki said...

Oh, goodness, sounds like when I went with my parents to the Ramses Exhibit! Nickel and Dime you to death for everything! I think the only thing we actually took away from the Exhibit was a program booklet and some postcards. But, it was one of the few BIG things that the whole family went to and that we all enjoyed. Wish I could have gone with ya, but I'm saving up for new dining room furniture, LOL!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I got tired just reading about it!!

Hallie :)

Christina - Rant Rave Roll said...

Wow! What a day!

Come see me I have a 'lil something' for you!

Anonymous said...
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