Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring Break but NOT Spring

Well Spring Break officially started Friday at 12:31 pm.  ( although with all the rain and fog and cold, it doens't feel like spring has srpung!)  It was going well until the car accident.  I am feeling alot better, can move around without groaning and Nicole is doing fine.  
Saturday my mom came and took me to the grocery store for a few things, then took Nicole home with her until Thursday. 

That is when I get to take Nicole to get her eyes checked.  She is complaining she cant see stuff far away.  I got my first pair of glasses at 10, so we just have to wait and see.

I'm glad Nicole is getting some Grandma time, which she loves.  She would be boared stiff being here with me all week.  I plan on spring cleaning - woohoo - go me:)

So Chris wouldn't have to walk to the bus stop, his best friend lent him her daughters car while she is in London.  On the condition that I don't drive it.  Fine with me, because at this moment in time I don't  feel like driving, lol.  He isn't going to drive it much either - just back and forth to the bus stop.  

After I finish this post and check Facebook I plan on attacking my living room.  Gotta sweep floors, vacuum the couch, and dust.  then I get to attack the kitchen, and the den.  Then Nicoles room -  which should be more fun that I'm allowed in one day.

I will post the pics of the car when I want to see them.  I haven't seen it since Saturday.  I did have the piece of mind to take pics of her cars damage as well as mine.  

Hope everyone has a great week!


Laura ~Peach~ said...

again I am glad you are ok... when you are done cleaning come on over here... I could use some motivation!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Just checking in....Hope you are still ok. I worry about you!

Hallie :)

Michelle said...

Glad you're doing ok physically. That one looks pretty painful! Fingers crossed the rest of the week is going well!

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