Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Shake Your Money Maker!

Woot! I'm so excited that Dancing With The Stars started lastnight.  I'm a tad bit shocked at the lineup, but all in all I think everyone gave it their all , at least for their first dance.  I think Ty Murray needs to loosen up a bit from the waist up, he doesn't have to keep a ramrod straight back since he isn't trying to be bucked off a humongous bull or anything...
Melissa from the Bachelor didn't do too bad having had only 48 hours to prepare.  I think that says a lot for one of my favorite professional dancers Tony Dovolani.  
L'il Kim did eh.  I'll agree with Bruno though that she can shake that booty.
Shawn Johnson did fantastic! I absoultely love watchng her partner, Mark Balas.  I could watch him dance all the time:))
I'm sorry Jewel couldn't dance due to her fractured tibias, but I'm glad they will at least let her sing in the upcoming weeks.
How many men that actually watch the show ( my hubby included) cried a bit inside when they announced Julianna Hough was dating that fine specimen she was dancing with?
and what is up with Karina Smirnoff? I've never been one of her biggest fans, but she is engaged to Maxsim?  I think she has dated everyone of her partners, including Mario Lopez.  
The other big surprise was Holly  - a Playboy Bunny! - she did ok too.  Her and Edyta can compete for the skimpiest costume contest.
But we all have our favorites, and who we want to see win.  Nicole likes Edyta ( always interesting to see what costume she comes up with), and I like Cheryl - shes a good dancer and I think she is a strong teacher.  
Everyone really did do a good job for the first dance.  I bet it is absolute hell to be the first dancer out for the night.  


In other news, Nan's father Dan is doing a bit better.  Physically he is doing well.  But his cognitive ability is still a problem, as are his eyes.  Please keep him in your prayers.

I'm hoping to have a great day off.  The crazy Texas weather is at it again.  It is supposed to be in the low 80s today, then drop into the 40s by tonight, and barely get into the 50s tomorrow! Insanity I tell you, pure insanity!

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Mary Ellen said...

I agree with you that Melissa did extremely well for the amount of time she had to prepare.

One of the reasons I watch this show is the costumes. I can't believe how they can take two itty bitty scraps of fabric, plus some fringe, and make it a dress!

In the 80's???? Sigh. Snowed here again yesterday...

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