Friday, March 27, 2009

Fantastic Friday

Wow, lots of things are happening this weekend and I'm looking forward to them all! I have also come across two fabulous links that I will be sharing with you here!

FIRST - my friend Christina of Rant-Rave-Roll has become an ambassador for a wonderful thing called Fishful Thinking - Please CLICK HERE to check our her post on this fabulous project!

SECOND - my friend Maria of God's Blessings has an adorable boy named Matthew , and he has Cerebral Palsy.  Her husband is in the Army and they are stationed in San Antonio ( so hopefully I will get to meet her one day since we go there to visit my MIL).  Maria's bright, cheerful, upbeat words are a welcome in times of grief and /or bad days.  She has two other children , Alex and Joshua, in addition to Matthew and is full of love .  
She recently came across a project that I would love to share with ya'll.  It is called The Littlest Heroes.  CLICK HERE to check them out!

This weekend is going to bring about a flurry of activity.  Carson ( Nicole's BFF) ,  is coming home with her from school today, spending the night , then the four of us are heading to the museum tomorrow to see King Tut and the Golden Age of the Pharohs.
My MIL was supposed to go with us, but she is unable to come up due to her struggle with bronchitis that she has battled this past week.  We will be catching the train into Dallas, and will walk about a block and a half to the museum from the station, then find some place around there to eat too.  
All sounds like a blast right?
well, it will be, and with all the temps we've had the past few weeks, Mother Nature chooses this saturday to bring winter back to Texas... /sigh
so we will just have to bundle up , but it is supposed to be windy and cold, high is 51.  yippee...

I'm looking at it as just taking a nice cool brisk walk:))

Will try to take pictures , I know we will be unable to take pictures inside the exhibit , but maybe I can get pics of the museum itself and stuff.

Hope everyone has a great Friday!


Christina - Rant Rave Roll said...

Thanks sweetie! It is a really great program for moms. I'm excited to be a part of it too.

Lots of love...

Michelle said...

Uhhh, you're complaining about 51? We're supposed to get snow tomorrow. Inches of snow. As spring break is ending. Wheeee!

Chris H said...

Have fun at the Museum! Personally I would rather be at the Mall shopping!

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