Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patricks Day!

Well i'm up quite early and not yet wearing green.  That is because I'm going back to bed:))  I got up to pack my hubby a lunch and I'm not staying up.  Spring Break, no kiddo for a few days! Don't you think I deserve to go crawl back in bed for a teensy bit? I sure do!

Will check in with ya'll later on today.  For now, enjoy this doodle:

You can find this and more  by visiting RICK

Have a great day!


Lora said...

happy st. pats to you too. shivering shamrocks! ha! i'm inventing a drink by that name as we speak. i'm thinking peppermint schnaps in vanilla quik with green food coloring

Michelle said...

Going back to bed? I don't think I like you anymore!

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