Wednesday, March 11, 2009


If any of you follow me on Facebook and saw my status update late lastnight , I would like to vent my reason for it.
Yesterday I was off work so Chris took the car instead of having to ride the bus.  I was fine with that.  My plan was to have dinner made by the time he got home around 6pm or so and to leave immediately when he got home so I could go to Walmart.  I needed to pick up bread, my prescription and get a few things I needed to bake today.
First I stopped at the gas station to feed the car since it was thirsty.  Then I got to Walmart and went straight to the pharmacy.  There were 3-4 people ahead of me.  Having been in this position before, I've learned this could take 5 mins or 50 mins...I was hoping for 5!

I got up to the register in a decent amount of time, gave the lady my name and DOB.
She then asked me when I called it in.  I told her Saturday afternoon and the automated system told me it would be ready by 3pm Sunday.  She told me one moment and went to another computer.  I waited.

The other cashier helped a few more people and I was still waiting.  I was watching the lady who was supposedly helping me.  She was on the computer quite awhile.  Then she talked to the pharmacist.  Then she went and got a bottle of pills.  Then she talked to the pharmacist some more.  I was still waiting with no explanation as to why???!!!!!????

The other cashier could sense my frustration by now and said she would go see what was going on.  She talked for a few minutes.  I noticed MY cashier helping someone else at the drop off window ok WTH??  Finally the other one came walking back my way shaking her head and giggling a bit.  Still wasn't coming to me, so I  asked her," M'am, what is happening with my prescription? why is it not ready?"
She explained to me that it had been reshelved.  They had a new morning cashier and I guess she mis -heard that you reshelf scripts after 2 days, instead of the 10 that it should have been.  So since I was supposed to pick it up Sunday and it was Tuesday , she actually returned my Rx to the stock.  Ok.  Fine.  

where the he!! has basic customer service and common sense gone??? is the customer not supposed to be kept informed?   I failed to mention that by now there was no one at the checkout stand to check anyone else out, so I had a line forming behind me and could feel the glares of them on my back because I was the one holding them up!!!

I needed other things as I had mentioned, so the decent thing to do would have been to explain the situation to me so I could have gone and gotten the other things I needed and come back.  I really would have been fine with it , but no, they made me stand there totally clueless! 

Needless to say by the time I got around to getting the few groceries I needed I was not in a good mood.  I didn't have my braces on, so all that standing in one place , then hauling ass to the groceries did not make me very happy.  I'm over it now, but I needed to get it out of my system.

Have you run into people recently that don't use the common sense that God gave a gnat? please tell me and make me feel like I'm not the only one noticing this!


Christina - Rant Rave Roll said...

You read my blog... you know I've been a v ictim of others stupidity! Breathe honey... *hugs*

Laura ~Peach~ said...

unfortunately they do let them out and they do reproduce too... scarey... THE BLANKIE IS HERE :) its adorable and the little hat too cute... i hope his head will fit it :D HUGSSSSwe love it :)

joanne said...

yeah, I have and unfortunately it was at the pharmacy! STILL too upset to talk about it...j)

Mary Ellen said...

We often mention the MO-RON family that works pretty much everywhere around here. What ever happened to customer SERVICE????

Chris H said...

I feel for ya, I really do! And I would have said a few 'choice' words to that idiot behind the counter! Grrrrrr.

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