Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Wow, I love celebrating Easter and all but I am so glad the actual running around, multiple egg hunts, tons of candy, tons of food is gone.
I will post lots of pictures from this past weekend as there were a lot taken and are really cute. We got to see family Sunday that we hadn't seen in awhile so that was fun, we ate more food, had yet another egg hunt for Nicole and then went fishing. Early Monday morning (about 1am), I awoke to a grumbling tummy that was none too happy with all the food I had given it that weekend so needless to say I went to work yesterday on about 2 hours of sleep. Nicole was still home one more day for Spring break so when we got home yesterday I told her she was old enough to know when she needed me , and that she could have a last day before back to school to watch TV , read, play dressup , whatever as long as she let me sleep. I went to sleep around 3 and woke up aroudn 6 when Chris got home from work.
I am feeling much better today, thank goodness.

Will post some pictures from the party we went to at Hot Chica's house Saturday. There were alot of very nice people and a lot of very good food. There was a huge bounce house, and an enormous amount of plastic eggs to hide. Unfortunately her front yard isn't that large, so when you see the pictures you will see how we very artfuly used the trees and bushes around the front of the house to hold the eggs. The kids had a blast. Carson pulled the final string on the pinata that broke it open and got knocked over in the process of all the kids rushing to get candy. No accidents occurred though.

So look for the pictures at a later time .
Have a great day.

(WOW can't believe this is my 91st post, only 9 more to go till that big 100. Maybe thats when I will announce my contest)

Later that Evening...

Here are the promised pics that darling hubby got off the camera. The baby in the pics is our new baby cousin that was born on Leap Day!! These were taken this past Friday so she is only 3 wks old and all of 6 lbs 2oz!!
Me and the little peanut

Nicole and the Peanuts big sister who just turned 3

Nicole during the egg hunt at Hot Chicas house, and thats my hubby in the back ground video taping all the fun!!
More kids at the party devouring hunted candy


MaBunny said...

Hmmm, is she saying she likes my blog? I don't know much Spanish but I think that's it... gotta ask my friend Ines, lol.
Think I will check our her blog too!!

Michelle said...

That's so cool that there was a Leap Baby! I love Leap Day.

And I won't mention anything about how jealous I am that you were in short sleeves for Easter. Back home, we had a foot of snow the day before. And in STL (in laws visit), it SNOWED that morning and never got out of the 30s before we headed home.

Karen Deborah said...

Hey mabunny, looks like ya'll had a wonderful day. Aren't new babies precious? I posted a piccha of my friends new baby boy, he's so adorable. I posted a contest. On your way to 100 that is great, this is so much fun to do.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

I don't know, contests on blogs are pretty self-indulgent. You might lose some readers if you hold a contest. I mean, come on!

: )

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Oh, and yeah, I do know some Spanish, let me interpret:

She is saying, "Do not hold a contest on your blog or I will not come back to read you ever again!"


MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Actually, truth be told, because I am a teller of truth, it says, Hello, yours is an excellent blog, will you visit mine?

Your friend,
And then her blog name

(I think so anyway) : )

Laura ~Peach~ said...

Love the pictures...
translation is... Hi, your blog is excellent, visit mine.

at least thats what Martha is telling me cause I sure dont know spanish but, it makes sense to me!

Hugs Laura

Lena said...

That is one tiny baby!!! Happy Easter!

MaBunny said...

OMG LOL!!!! Thanks Manic for those hilarious translations. And thanks to those of you who truly did translate it. I mainly grew up in Texas, but took 4 years of French. Go figure, hehe.

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