Thursday, March 13, 2008

My Day off with Hubby

I am enjoying Chris being back to work. I also am enjoying the fact that we have at least one day off a week together. Yesterday was one of those days. I had planned on taking the kids to school ( I switch off with another mom), going directly to the grocery store, coming home, crocheting a bit, finishing the book I'm reading, and/or playing on the internet.
Chris decided he was going grocery shopping with me which I was fine with. It's funny how it went though. We drop the kids at school. I say "ok, now to walmart"
(hubby) "can we stop by Home Depot first? I want to check out the stoves, see if I can get the stuff to fix ours"
(*NOTE* I only have one burner on a four burner stove that is currently working , it is a very old stove, and we are currently trying to figure out how to fix and/or replace it*)
(me) "sure we can go there first"
We proceeded to spend the next 30 mins or so perusing the appliance aisle. Foudn the stuff that we needed to fix the stove for a lot less than we originally anticipated ( always a a good thing!). Then we picked up a switch for a fan light that is broken. Then we picked up light bulbs. Then as we were on our way to the check out counter, he passed a display of tols. Great buy for $10 he remarks. If you don't know what to get me for my birthday I'd like that. I decided to make his day and I bought it even though I already know what my MIL and I are getting him. He was happy , he got a new tool.

We then proceeded to Walmart to do the grocery shopping. First we had to run around to get non-food items in different areas of the store. While I was doing that he said he was going to go to the sports area. Ok. No clue why he was going there but also didn't really care. I go get all the non-food items, and meet him by electronics, where he walks up with a new golf bag. Now he loves to play golf , but hasn't done so in a long time do to his back problems( he had back surgery in 2006). He recently bought Nicole her own golf bag and clubs. He did need a new bag, and it was a reduced price, so no biggy. Then he found these shorts he fell in love with. He got those too.
(we had already been there almost 30 minutes-with no groceries)
So we finally get around to getting actual food. That part actually went fast, and we wound up getting home just around lunch time. We had planned on going out to lunch, but after buying over $100 worth of groceries we decided to eat something we had just bought, lol.
I get home, he carries ALL the groceries in and while I unpack them all he starts inspecting his new golf bag with little exclamations of "cool, its got an ice pack for water bottles, and a pocket for my cell phone". Then he pull sout his early birthday present and proceeds to see if the stuff we got at home depot will work on the stove.
He agreed to go get the kids after school, and I made a Blueberry Buckle, and made scalloped eggplant that was to go with our dinner. Then I started the pork chops, did dishes and got to sit down all of about 10 minutes off and on. Then I ate dinner and went to Bell Choir at Church. ( notice I hadn't crocheted OR read at all yet? lol)
When I got home from Bell Choir rehearsal around 715 or so I finally got to sit down and start crocheting. I didn't get a chance to finish my book till this morning.
I had a great day off with Chris, it just didn't go as planned. Hopefully today will, that I will get to play on the puter, read and crochet in between loads of laundry.

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Have a great day:))))

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