Tuesday, March 18, 2008

How gud a spelr ar yu????

I thought this quiz was really cute. Normally I am a very good speller. When something isn't spelled correctly in my blog posts it is usually due to my typing skills, not my spelling skills. Have fun!!

Btw I'm still going to have that contest I previously spoke about, and I know what the prize is going to be. However the prize is handmade and I will have to have the time to make it. But it will be posted here soon, so keep a look out!!

Hers the quiz:

Your Spelling is Good

You got 9/10 correct.

Your spelling is generally pretty decent. You are prone to a few mistakes, but the mistakes you make are pretty forgivable.

1 comment:

Karen Deborah said...

I can't spell or type but it doesn't slow me down any. Thanks for poppin in the other day.

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