Thursday, March 27, 2008

Where to start...

I have so much to yap about, trying to think where to start, lol.

First off I guess I'll have to mention something that has got me kind of giddy. Anyone that knows me knows that I read all the time ( at least when Im not crocheting, blogging, playing EQII, working, spending time with family). I have some authors that I will read a lot but am always on the look out for new books. Thanks to Manic Mommy, I've been getting a lot of good book ideas lately. One title in particular stood out to me, so I ordered it off
It is called Sleeping With Ward Cleaver. It is hilarious. I'm not done with it yet but will surely be sad when I am, and thirsting for more from Jenny Gardiner, my new favorite author:)) This is even more so since I had e-mailed manic and told her I was reading it. She forwarded my e-mail to the author her self, who in turn wrote me !!! She said to let her know if I did mention her and the book in a post of mine and she would come over and post something. How cool is that?? Way cool on my meter!!

Ok, second thing. Remember the blog party in the not too distant past?? Well I actually won something that I am waiting for to be sent to me.
I won a $25 gift certificate from a really neat jewelry sight. It is,
Check out her website. She has so much beautiful stuff on there. I like keychains and chose one for her to make me, to represent my family. I will post a picture of it when I receive it.

Third thing is that if you haven't visited Karen Deborah at her blog you need to. She is very sweet and does fun loving posts. Has a very positive attitude about life. Check her out here.

And last, but far from least, I will also be having a contest here shortly. I have most of the details worked out, along with the prize. I will let you all know when it starts, ends, and what you will get , etc, on my 100th post, which will be very soon since this is #92!!

Ok, this is my last day off before I have to go back to work tomorrow. The dishes are done. The laundry is washed. Folded? NO, but it will be this evening. I do have Weight Watchers tonight and am doing well in my opinion. I haven't had a potato chip in THREE WEEKS!! I thought I needed at least one dose of Nacho Cheese Doritos per week in order to survive. Obviously not. I'm also eating whole wheat bread, whole grain cereal, drinking soy milk, and eating more lean protein. I know what I need to do , I just need to take it one day at a time and keep telling myself that it will come off:))
Hubby is very supportive of me , and is helping me be conscious of the choices I make.

Hope everyone has a great day!!
Stay tuned!


Laura ~Peach~ said...

Awesomeness! I have to get her books and read cause i just keep hearing more and more!
I love karens blog too!
Congratulations on your win! I can't wait to see your prize!
Grins and hugs

Michelle said...

Hey, great job on WW! I joined SparkPeople when Dawn was talking about her resolutions, and I've lost 14 pounds so far (4 more to go before the wedding!). I'm with you on eating more whole grains and protein, etc. It's really interesting to see what you used to do vs what you need to do, isn't it? Really quite empowering, actually.

And that's so cool that Jenny Gardiner is going to come see your blog (hi, Jenny!). The Sleeping with Ward Cleaver book is on my list for the library, but I have a little other reading to catch up on first :) I can't wait!

Jenny Gardiner said...

Hi Marcy! Told you I'd stop by ;-)
So glad you're enjoying SLEEPING WITH WARD CLEAVER! Thanks for mentioning it and feel free to spread the word!

Sammie said...

everybody seems to have this Sleeping with Ward Cleaver book, and i really want it, once i find a UK stockist of it, then i'll be happy. Cannot wait to read it, ive seen exerpts of it and read real fab reviews, i got all excited when manic ran that comp lol, just waiting to get my hands on it. Hope Jenny does pop by for you.

Stay safe, take care, Sammie x

MaBunny said...

YAY! Thanks for visiting my blog Jenny! Obviously the book is going places, as are you:)))

Jenny Gardiner said...

Hi Sammie! I know you can get it through if no where else. Here's the link:

I hope you can find it! One of this year's American Title finalists, Helen Scott Taylor, is coming to the States for the RT convention, so maybe we can get her to bring a stockpile back to the UK with her LOL.
Thanks Laura and Michelle--hope you get a chance to read the book--it's a nice quick read and has plenty of laughs.
I'm so happy for you guys successfully dieting. I swear I begin a diet every day of my life and it lasts all of an hour. Grrrr. Last time I did a really good job it was on a very low carb hi protein diet and it worked for about 2 years but then I had a really stressful time in life and resumed that comfort eating thing ;-( . This is on my to-do list daily LOL
Thanks all!

Sammie said...

woot! why i didntthink of Amazon i havent got a clue! One is ordered though and will be within 48 days! Cannot wait. Also Jenny, I clicked on you and kept clicking here there and everywhere, and just decided i am EXTREMELY jealous of you for interviewing Meg Cabot lol. When I pass on your book to others, no doubt they will be in awe that i actually blogged to you! woot lol

MaBunny said...

I got mine off Amazon also! Over half way done with it and can't stop lmao!!

Jenny Gardiner said...

yay! So glad u found it sammie! I sure hope you love it & please do let me know what u think! And I have to tell you meg Cabot is really just as lovely as they come--I thunk the world of her.

Jenny Gardiner said...

hi! I am so glad you were able to order it Sammie! I hope you enjoy it--let me know when you read it!
Hopefully you can start the ball rolling in the UK--spreading the word!
And Marcy--I'm happy you're getting some good laughs!

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