Monday, March 10, 2008


Here in the DFW metroplex we hardly ever get snow. Usually we get ice. It's more common north of here in the Panhandle and such. However last Thursday and Friday we got actual snow. Some areas farther north than my town got as much as 6-9", we only got about 1-2", but it was very pretty. I'm originally from Chicago, IL. so I know real snow, but my daughter is still waiting to get enough snow for a real snow ball fight, or to make snow angels.
I did have fun with her Friday morning before school though, she was trying to pack a snowball, I knew how and got a pretty good size one and told her her to run and I hit her square in the back. Of course all that got me was two handfuls of snow thrown back at me but it was all in fun.
Hope everyone had a great weekend. I'm trying to plan out the logistics of a fun contest. And think of a prize. Will let ya'll know more soon!!

Enjoy the pictures of the front of my house from Friday morning
This is the scene from my back door into the open field behind us
Front of my house
Houses across the street

Better shot of the front of my house

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