Sunday, March 30, 2008

Short and to the point

Good morning to all. This isn't going to be a really long post. I've been up since 430 am when nicole ,( who decided she wanted to sleep in my bed lastnight) threw up all over her side of the bed. Oh well , I was going to wash and change the bedsheets todayanyway, just didn't want to do it at500 am.
She is back asleep again after getting sick a few more times, she also seems to be running a slight fever so more than likely she won't be going to school tomorrow.

I did get my reallyadorable keyring from mymommysbraceletslcom(sp?) and will post a picture of it later today or tomorrow.
I'm on the last few pages of Sleeping with Ward Cleaverand have enjoyed it immensly.
Thanks tothe author Jenny Gardiner for commenting on that post and helping a new reader of mine to find the book in the UK.

Hope everyone has a great Sunday:))


Jenny Gardiner said...

I'm so glad you've enjoyed Sleeping with Ward Cleaver so much!
And we had the same thing Friday morning--our youngest was up 1st thing getting sick everywhere. That's just so nasty, isn't it? They feel so darned bad and there's so little you can do to help them feel better...Hope she's on the mend!

MaBunny said...

yup, shes doing better, we are actually trying to keep jello and soda crackers down, Pretty sure shes going back toschool tomorrow though!

Hope your little one is better too!

Nikki said...

Hi, I'm glad she's doing better, we've been lucky out here and haven't had the full blown flu, just the back end part. Which is bad enough. Give her a hug from mane and talk to you later!

Maria said...

hi there! sorry to hear about your little one feeling bad! i just CAN'T do throw up!! :( i know such a BAD mommy!! anyway, i hope she fells better soon...

i will have to look up that book!! sounds like you enjoyed it!

take care and GOD BLESS...

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