Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Musings from 2007

First of all HAPPY 2008!!

The year seemed to go by very fast. First it was Valentines Day, then summer then Halloween. Kind of blew through it in a blur, but can't remember anything really bad happening.

Nicole is definately growing up which is a good thing , but shes growing very fast. She is developing her own sense of style which I am enjoying watching, but still has to pass mom approval. One day after school I remember fondly. It was one of those Texas days where it was just starting to hover in the 50s, and she came out of her bedroom wearing beige capris with a black and hot pink sweater. Now both things were really cute on her, but together? not so much. It was like she couldn't make up her mind if she was cold or hot. Or maybe she wanted to hang on to summer a bit longer. But I can see where she could get confused, if you dont' know Texas weather, it doesn't start getting really cold here till like November, so sometimes in november and really weird days in December we can go around in shirtsleeves and jeans with no jacket.
Anyway I am looking forward to this next year to see what she will discover and come up with, since she is 9 going on 16!! She is also taking keyboard lessons, and is doing good with those. She likes listening to Hannah Montana on her CD player, as well as watching the Tv show. She has such a vivid imagination, can't wait to see what will strike her fancy next. She loves to read, and will read just about anything. She is currently going through the first book of Harry Potter.

Chris and I got through the past year just fine. No major catastrophes. Our moms are doing great. I enjoy when my mother in law comes to visit, however it is less then either of us would like since the price of gas is so outrageous.

All my other relatives are doing great. My 15 year old cousin Mollie will turn 16 this year on January 22nd, which for all girls is a very special birthday. She attends Fort Worth Christiam Academy, along with her younger sister Kimberly who is 13. Mollie still plays competitive volleyball and is so awesome to watch ( shes 6'1"!!!). Kimberly performs with the Texas Girls Choir, and sings like an angel.

Oh well , thats it in a nutshell, will get some more pics up here soon. I am currently working on the baby blanket for Breon. Will definately get a picture of that up when its done..

More later


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