Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Off To A Good Start

Wow the new year is in full swing. Nicole is just now going back to school today. She has been out since December 20th. She is happy to be going back as she misses her teacher and friends. We are sad to see her go back, but are happy in the thought that at 4pm we will see a slightly smarter bear come home.
She had a pretty exciting vacation all in all. She spent a week with my mother and we just got her back Saturday. After we picked her up we all went to the show. Nicole and Chris went to see National Treasure two and I went with my friend Nannett to see P.S. I Love You. Mega chick flick but ... oh wow. Definitely have to take a tissue or two to that one if you go see it. It is highly recommended. I was never a big Hillary Swank fan and she plays the lead in this movie and does a fantastic job. The two Irish guys in there can be deemed hotties too. So there are many aspects of this movie you will enjoy. I've also read the book , which it follows pretty well.

Nothing much else is happening here. I am getting the film developed this next week so there will be new pictures up soon. Also I should soon be getting a picture of my two nieces in the identical hats I made them for Christmas. Hope everyone is doing well and will post more later.

I'm still crocheting away at the baby afghan for Breon too. I will for sure post a picture of that when I'm done with it.

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