Friday, January 11, 2008

My Sick Sweetie

Hiyas all. Nicole went back to school Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon they called saying she was in the nurses office with a tummyache and fever. We brought her home and put her straight to bed. She slept most of the evening away and eating very little. What she ate stayed where it was supposed to though, thank goodness. We took her to the doctor yesterday and they said she had an infection in her throat which could have been causing her tummyache, so she put her on antibiotics, and said to keep her out of school till Monday. She was eating a bit more by the evening time and got in the shower before I left for work today so hopefully she is on the mend.
The rest of us are feeling great.

This coming Sunday we are having a Soup and Chili cookoff at Church. Every year the same guy wins for his chili which is fantastic. We are entering a Brocoli/potato soup I have a recipe for so hopefully we have as good a chance as anyone.

Hope everyone is doing well. Will post more Sunday after the contest and I'll tell you the results

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