Saturday, January 26, 2008

Later That Same Day

(Yay! I'm starting to feel a tiny bit better!!)

I know I posted something already today, but just received the following pictures from the mother of one of Nicole's friends. Nicole went home from school yesterday with her friend Carson, on the understanding that she would be coming home around 8pm, however about a half hour before Chris went to pick her up she called with "Can I spend the night?" Of course it was agreed to and Chris drove over there with her nightgown and 4 dolls that she wanted Carson to see.
Carson's mother assured me that Nicole was being polite and that the girls were getting along well. We could pick her up around 2pm Saturday.
Chris went to get her and it turned into "Can I stay over again tonight daddy?" So of course another discussion ensued and was agreed over. Now we won't get her back until after Church tomorrow. Yvette(Carson's) mother told me that the girl's were wearing each others clothes and even switched pajamas last night, lol.
I just opened my e-mail, to find this caption - "Marcy, here is the proof that Nicole is still alive"
Here are the pictures of her fun weekend with Carson so far:

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