Thursday, January 31, 2008

Mom update

Hiyas all! For those of you that have been wondering about my mom...
She went through the heart catheter fine on Tuesday morning. The same place that has been blocked the last two times was blocked again this time. So they added yet another stint, and did a balloon up into the artery to reopen it. So that makes a total of 8 stints, and 3 angioplasty since her triple bypass in 2005. She is doing well and got out of the hospital on Wednesday morning. She is staying with my aunt Donna for about the next week to week and a half and I have her dog back. I promise to have a picture of him with my two up soon. They make a really cute motley crew, or a trouble trio, lol. They are loud!! And meal time is alot of fun... They fight and growl to make sure they don't touch each others bowls.
Well I'm off to my weight watchers meeting, and I smell a small bit of success, so wish me luck.

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